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Cutest Glow Worm I’ve Ever Seen


Remember that cute little Glo Worm® toy that parents would buy for their kids so their children would feel safe at night from the soft glow it illuminated? I confess…I never bought one of those for my kids when they were little. Sorry kids.

Well, I’ve been redeemed…my 30-year old daughter received her first “glow worm” on Sunday. 🙂 And if I do say so myself, he is the cutest little glow worm I’ve ever seen.

Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the newest addition to our family…my little (big) grandson, Tyus…


Isn’t he one of the cutest glow worms you’ve ever seen? 🙂 Tyus decided to show up a few weeks early and has been in the NICU since Sunday. He is the biggest baby in there. He weighed in at 10 pounds 14 ounces. Big boy…and a fighter.

Because my daughter is a Type I Diabetic, Tyus was getting lots of extra insulin while in the womb. Now that he is on his own and no longer getting his mommy’s insulin, his blood sugars needed to be stabilized. Tyus also had a little fluid in the lungs so needed some extra help with O2, and today his jaundice got a little bit worse; which has made him become that cute little glow worm in the picture above. He is making great gains each day, though, and for that we are grateful. Our hearts glow with love. God is good!

Tyus is our new addition. A perfect gift for the upcoming New Year. He represents new life and isn’t that what we all need in the New Year…new life? I know I certainly do.

A new beginning.

A chance to start over.

A time to let go of the old, and start with brand spanking new. A new year…what a great opportunity for me. What a great opportunity for you. For all of us.

I mess up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Some days way worse than others. But, with God’s endless love and grace and mercy and forgiveness, I get a new beginning each day. And so do you. Just like our new sweet little baby boy is the perfect gift for our family, God’s gifts of infinite love and mercy and grace and forgiveness are the perfect gifts for all of us.

To Tyus…my prayers for you are to keep gaining strength so you can go home with your mommy and daddy real soon. Keep fighting, little buddy. Grandma will keep praying.

To my daughter and son-in-law…my prayers for you are a peace of mind that passes all understanding, a massive faith, and an abundance of patience as Tyus continues to get stronger and heal.

To our readers…my prayers for you are to be blessed with new life and new beginnings in 2016. May you find that soft glow of love too.

Lastly, to my blogging partner…my prayers for you are that you are enjoying rest and relaxation on the beach in Cabo. I’m sure you are a cute glow worm as you soak up the sun’s rays. 🙂

Small request to ask…if you believe in the power of prayer, maybe throw one or two up for Tyus, will you? My heart will glow with thanks.

Happy New Year everyone! May you be blessed indeed in 2016! ~Wendy


Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

Just Chill & Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

BLOG Stella by the Xmas Tree
Hold on Tight… to what really counts and let the rest go.

The to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems to multiply like gizmo with water. The holidays can make life go into warp speed from regular daily life demands to work demands to holiday demands… not to mention catching the latest Star Wars (or you insert your liking) movie. Thank goodness for the music of the holidays to remind us that it is just life and simply enjoy it. Aim not to hold on too tightly. I was there for the past few weeks. I wasn’t treading water very well, and it turned my attitude into something ugly.

So what did I learn and do to turn my frown upside down? I decided to remember the important things that count; the rest is just the rest.

Exercise, Chill, Eat Healthy, Hug, Understand instead of Judge – you know, the basics that we have all heard before. Turns out that they are legit.

1. Work out – it is true so don’t roll your eyes at this. Staying well both
physically and mentally is directly linked to exercise.

2.  Chill – if the schedule is packed, then pack it even fuller with “chill” time. Make it happen because if you don’t, it won’t, and then life has passed you by based on a schedule full of things to do and without complete joy. Work will always be there – even without you.

3. As good as the sugar tastes, it just brings us up and drops us down. Enjoy a treat and then keep it healthy for the most part. Our mouths can actually enjoy carrots if we let our mind believe it.

4.  Hug family and friends. They are the people who count and make your life complete.

5.  Put down the gavel. It isn’t your job to judge so stop.

To add a bit more to this…

Everyone has a story. Who are you to deny someone of that? Far too often we pass judgment on others based on our expectations – regardless of how unrealistic they may be. At times, we are critical of leaders, of colleagues, of friends, of foes because what they do and say is not what we think they should do and say. We have advice free of charge on this… get over it. Unless you are being hurt by someone – in which case you should let the individual know in some way (another time, another blog) – try not to be so dearly offended when the story line goes awry or follows a different outline than your expectations. The best stories are sometimes written without a plan or at least without the plan the author thought was in place.

People will love you.
People will hate you.
And none of it will have anything to do with you.
~ Abraham Hicks

So with that, take a walk, nap, sip some special tea of your choice with a friend, and don’t waste so much time worrying about your neighbor.

And the real lesson to learn… when your puppy (no matter the size) goes beyond admiring the Christmas tree to tearing open the gifts, smile – because you are there to appreciate it and know that life is short so enjoy it.

BLOG Stella by the Xmas Tree 2
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all! May you enjoy the season and remember that life is short so get out there and live it.

 Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.



Lessons Learned at the Feet of Wisdom

One of our favorite quotes from Andy Rooney is,
“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of the elderly.”

Not that we are considered elderly quite yet (well, maybe Wendy is 🙂 ), but we know that WISDOM is a gift that comes with age. The older we get, hopefully, the wiser we become. At the feet of WISDOM, we have learned a lesson or two this past year:

  • Jump in the pool and swim every morning, or go for a walk – it gets out our kinks.
  • Make important decisions together as a team, then move on and don’t dwell over them.
  • Visit places you have never been – like California for the NAESP Conference and South Carolina for the Scholastic Research Conference.
    BLOG wisdom 1
  • Sit at the bedside of a loved one who is dying. Pray with, sing to, read scriptures to, and hold their hand – saying goodbye to a young adult seems to be so unfair.BLOG wisdom 2
  • Spell love with a capital T:I.M.E. – put down our cell phones and give away our time generously to those we treasure most like our family members and/or friends while visiting over a cup of coffee.
  • Celebrate reunions – reunite with classmates and family that we haven’t seen in years.
    BLOG wisdom
  • Share a smile – it is a cheap way to improve our looks & it turns our dreary-wearies into cheery-cheeries (from the children’s book The Pout Pout Fish). 🙂

    BLOG wisdom 5
  • Embrace technology – Facebook, Facetime, Skype, Twitter…all great ways to stay connected with those we care about.
  • Become a ‘2nd-to-the-last-word’ person – silence is a source of great strength so shhhh.
  • Thank others often – special people have taught us this lesson and it does make a big difference!

Now it’s our turn…thank you for taking the time to check out our blog each week. We wish you a week full of wisdom.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.



One Vigilant Parent is Better than Two Crappy Ones

BLOG parent


This blog may ruffle some feathers, but I feel compelled to write it. You may end up throwing tomatoes at me? Or shaking your fist in anger? Or, maybe you will totally understand? I’m praying for the latter.

Listening to a podcast while driving to see my grandchildren this past weekend sparked the calling for this rambling. The podcast was published by @freakonomics, and I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to it. It is all about early learning. Please check it out here: That is not what this blog is about though.

One quote from that podcast made me reflect back on my life, and now it’s time to share that reflection. What was the quote you wonder? Here you go: “One vigilant parent is better than two crappy ones.” Hold on…please don’t throw darts. Stay with me for a minute.

I am a divorced woman. Not a statistic I am proud of. BUT…I have been happily remarried for almost 24 years. My husband has been a wonderful step-dad to my two children from the time they were 5 and 8. Here’s the beauty of this though. My husband gets along great with my former husband and ALL of his family. And, so do I!

Here’s WHY we all get along. I have asked for forgiveness from my former husband several times as I am the one who asked for the divorce. It was my choice. My decision. My selfishness, not his.

Not saying it was easy for either of us. We were angry. We were hurt. BUT…we ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS put our kids first. We did NOT pit one of us against the other. We made that decision from the beginning. No matter what, our children would come first. And my second husband has known that from the beginning. He has always been gracious about it. He loves my kids like they are his own, and this doesn’t make my former husband angry or jealous or resentful.

When my daughter made the decision a few years ago to end her abusive relationship and come home, my husband and former husband immediately hopped into a pickup truck and traveled 24 hours one way to get her, pack her up, and bring her back to the prairie…together. Yes, together!

My husband has always respected my former husband and vice versa. My hubby knows my former is the dad to the kids. He also knows he is their step-dad. This has never bothered him. It has never been an issue. My hubby knows his role and because of this, both of my kids adore him! Love him! Isn’t that amazing…my two children can love their dad AND their step-dad…both at the same time.

I’ve seen too many divorce situations turn into dog fights between the two adults, and then the children become the victims! Shame on you who do this!! And this is why the folks talking on @freakonomics made the comment about one vigilant parent being better than two crappy ones. They were talking about children who come from divorced homes and how this might affect their learning early on in life, especially if a parent is a crappy parent.

It’s true. Some parents are crappy parents. I currently know a young adolescent who is mixed up. Who lives in a home with one parent who is a crappy parent. This immature parent has ‘Sunday Funday’ at the bar. Has her second grade son take pictures of her while drunk at the bar. The young adolescent thinks this is normal until…

She shows up at the other parent’s house every other weekend. Here she thinks this parent and step-parent are ‘weird’ because they don’t drink. Wow…what is wrong with that picture? This young teen is a product of her environment, which is in the house of the crappy parent the majority of the time.

Please understand…I do not condone divorce. I also do not condone abuse. If that is your situation, I am so sorry. Please seek help.

As I said earlier, for me, being divorced is a statistic I am NOT proud of. But, parents…if you have gone through a divorce, I get it.

I get the pain.

I get the hurt.

I get the rejection.

Even if you are the one who initiated it. However, if you have children with that spouse you divorced, PLEASE, I beg you…grow up and be the adult. It’s not about you, it’s about those kids. It’s always about those young, influential minds. Be a positive role model for your children.

Be aware…your kids grow up, get married, have children who become your grandchildren. Your connection with your former never ends. So please, please be the vigilant parent, NOT the crappy one!!! ~Wendy

BLOG parent 2

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

The End Is Near This Makes Us Jolly … Fa la la la la

“Deck our halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la. The end is near this makes us JOLLY, fa la la la la, la la la la.” The end is here! Well – not quite… we do have a week of classes and finals yet, but the end is almost here.

As the semester-end is drawing near, some helpful hints for us to review so we are sure to pass that final project or test and enjoy the season:

  • Do something nice for someone. It is amazing how a little act of kindness can positively impact you, make your heart grow three sizes, and have an incredible domino effect on others.BLOG semester end 1
  • Stretch your limbs and soul. This might involve a yoga session or walking or … (you insert the verb). Don’t sit at your desk all day and all night. Your brain and body need movement to stay sharp!

    BLOG semester end 2

  • While you are up out of that chair, do something different. Bake, paint, draw, color, build… find an activity out of your norm to nourish your normal craft. Creativity sparks creativity!

    BLOG semester end 3

  • Turn on the tunes. Dr. V. and her sister were just talking about the holiday season with lists to-do galore and how it can be overwhelming, but turn on some tunes and it can all seem – well, just better somehow.

    BLOG semester end 4

  • Once you have exhausted your creativity on projects, find some friends and have fun. All work and no play will leave us with an empty passion tank. Find time to refuel with friends and fun.

    BLOG semester end 5

  • No doubt the eventful days will leave us hungry so be sure to stock up on the good stuff. Goodies are good, but fruit and veggies are even better. Easier said than done so do enjoy some of it all in moderation. (We’re hoping to take our own advice…moderation!) Oh – and don’t forget to hydrate with water. That is so important maybe it deserves its own paragraph?!

    BLOG semester end 6

  • At the end of the day, say goodnight and get your Zzzzzzzz. Sleep is a key-player in the wellness game so don’t forget it. It is so easy to skimp on sleep – believe us, we know! It isn’t going to help the project get completed any better with an all-nighter. Move sleep up on the list, and watch the efficiency and effectiveness of tasks grow.

    BLOG semester end 7

With that last one, it seems appropriate that we sign off and take a little rest. You too!

Stay Calm & Lead On!

Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.