Get on the edTPA Bus, Gus

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Teacher preparation programs across the states have adopted a performance based approach to licensure called the Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). This approach compliments assessments that are already in place at many universities in many different states.

What is the edTPA? Maybe our bantering back and forth with each other via text messages will help explain it a little bit. (Think of this as a Poem For Two Voices…).

edTPA – Go!

Is confusing…

edTPA was developed at Stanford. Pretty sure red is their school color.

Yes, and I see RED every time I hear edTPA.

It embodies good teaching.

Too much narrative!

Writing it out is better than picking a letter on a multiple choice test.

Not realistic…

edTPA is research based.

Developed by researchers who have never taught??

Can it be shortened?

The real McCoy? No, because it is aligned with the InTASC standards and other important stuff – like good teaching.

What does it teach about teaching?

I like that teacher candidates focus on Task 3 – Assessment.  Feedback is important.

By the time our teacher candidates get to Task 3 they are out of motivation & shut down.

What r u talking about? I lost focus…

Funny lady! 🙂

 AGREE! Task 3 is important!

edTPA scorers have no personal connection with our teacher candidates.

It is scored by qualified and trained teachers. Experts in their field. It still allows room for subjectivity and human error, however.

AGREE! edTPA is subjective.

Did I tell u my oldest played on an AAU team with a brother of one of the Stanford players?

Fun! Did it improve his game? How does edTPA improve our teacher candidates’ game?

Ups their game in planning instruction. Ups their game learning how to differentiate for diverse learners. Ups their Academic Language. Ups their self-reflection by recording themselves.

Watching yourself teach is scary, but…

AGREE! Video recording allows teacher candidates to self-reflect on their teaching.

So for now, get on the edTPA bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan. Don’t need to be coy, Roy. Do the edTPA.

Slip out the back, Jack. Drop off the key, Lee. Just get yourself free…free of the edTPA. 🙂

Well, since it is required in MN for program review, you had better just get on the bus – but feel free to protest while in line at the bus stop. 😉

AGREE to disagree?  Absolutely – as long as we make the edTPA fit our teacher candidates, not the other way around. As long as we mold it to our teacher candidates’ learning needs.

For more information about the edTPA, please visit

Blog TPA

edTPA via Live Text, Inc.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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