Summer Routine

BLOG summer flowers
At last – it is officially summer according to the calendar! That means it is also time to take stock in what is going on this summer and where the time is going.  I don’t know about you, but it seems to be flying by already! So let’s do our best to make it count and make it last!

One of the best parts about summer is the break from the regular routine. Don’t get me wrong, the warm, sunny weather is wonderful, too! Okay – so maybe you are reading this from sunny Cali wondering what in the world we are talking about?!  Well – live in Minnesota for a winter, and then we’ll talk.  So back to the routine… oh, that’s right, it’s summer – so what routine?

Actually, our summer routine changes from the school year, but we still do develop into a routine it seems.  My day looks something like this:

Somewhere between 5:30-6:30AM – Rise & shine & give thanks.  Brush teeth…it may be a while before the opportunity arises again.  Start the laundry, walk the dog, and water flowers.

BLOG summer Stella walk
7AM – Enjoy some coffee and turn on the Today Show – while flipping the laundry and scanning emails in anticipation of what to expect for the day.  At some point make sure the bed is made and the kitchen is cleaned up.

8-9AM – Start the taxi service.  (Thank goodness the oldest son has taken to biking to workouts with hopes of a moped and driving one day – or the taxi service would start at 6:30AM.)  Wait – did I remember to shower for the day?

BLOG summer Stella on car ride

Remind boys of their responsibilities charts. One of their responsibilities is appropriately – “learning time,” which includes reading and workbook pages.  Not super exciting stuff but what do you expect since I can’t even remember if I showered or had time to yet?  Boys aren’t allowed to play video games before 9AM – after chores are completed of course – so they usually get tasks accomplished by then.

BLOG summer Jonah studying

You know the saying, “Summer bodies are built in the winter.”  Well, some of us may have missed that memo this year – yikes!  I share a similar saying with my boys – especially recently.  “Our school brains are built in the summer.”

9-11:59AM – School work – either on campus or at home – or in the parked car waiting as the taxi service idles.  (No grading while driving – so no worries there!)  Answer phone calls, water the flowers if I am anywhere near home and forgot to earlier, flip the laundry, attend a meeting or two or a workshop.  Attempt to accomplish something on the never-ending list.  Boys are usually in a variety of activities and are chauffeured curtesy of their private taxi service, Mom -taxi service continues.

12-1PM – Feed the army.  Okay just my kids and maybe any strays.

1-4 PM – Taxi service, online work, cleaning – maybe?, run errands, phone calls, emails, write a blog, pool time if we can get there (maybe in July?), creative writing (yeah- right), nap (okay- a girl can dream)…

BLOG summer swimming hole

4PM – 5PM Prepare for the next round in the routine… evening activities.  Snacks are a must for the kids at this point or it will get plain ugly later.

5PM – Begin evening activities including: baseball, basketball, golf, maybe a football or faith formation meeting, birthday parties, life, …

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8-9PM – Eat dinner as a family if possible.  Yes – it is late and neglectful, but it is better than nothing.  Right?

9-10PM – Attempt bedtime by guilting the boys and getting them to believe they will not grow if they stay up any later.  “No, you can’t have more food at this point.  You ate like 20 minutes ago.”

10-11PM – Usually lights are out, and it’s time to open the computer back up from the 5 hour hiatus.  Wait – are there dishes in the sink?  Did the laundry get folded?  Hmmm… what laundry?  Now that I think about it, I haven’t cleaned in what feels like forever.  Okay – finish up some work now.

11:59PM –SLEEP because it is almost time to start the routine again. Amen.

Part of the summer to-do list that I try to integrate into the routine:

Learn.  Just because the weather is warm doesn’t mean that our brains don’t want to keep learning something new.

Get active – physically and mentally.  This also helps our brains and our bodies. Move, move, move.

Get engaged in the community.  Volunteer. Participate in activities instead of just watching the kids participate.  There are opportunities to be engaged and help out all year-long so take a chance to try something new in the summer when things are more relaxed.

Relax.  With all the summer opportunities and fun, aim to schedule some time to relax in the routine so the summer routine stays enjoyable.  Sounds like a fabulous idea so I think that is next on my list….

So what is your summer routine?

Stay Calm & Summer On!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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