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Just Keep Driving Your Boat to a New Horizon


I love sunrises! I can remember when our kids were little and we made them get up before dawn one morning, grabbed some hot chocolate, and went to sit on a rock while we waited patiently for the majestic sunrise over Lake Superior. I thought it was breathtaking. They were groggy and just wanted to go back to bed.

My husband understands my love of sunrises, so just this morning we headed out to the marina on a sunrise date while the sky was changing into dawn. We idled out to the lake to not wake the boathouse sleepers. Once on the wide open water, we raced over to the other side to get out of the wind and to sit quietly, drink our coffee, and wait.

As God’s golden splendor peeked over the horizon, I said my daily prayer, This is the day that you have made, Lord, let me rejoice and be glad in it. The sun was a tad bit over the horizon and my hubby starts up the pontoon and begins driving away from my little piece of heaven.

“WHAT are you doing??”

“Driving to the next sunrise,” he smiles.


There are some cliffs that border this lake so he moved the boat a little to the south so I could watch the sun rise once again only this time above the small bluffs.

Is he not the sweetest guy ever? ❤ 🙂

After the sun winked over these bluffs, he drove off one more time so we could catch the sun rising a third time. This time it waved hello from over the cliffs that stood tall and proud.

THREE sunrises in one morning. Just keep driving your boat to a new horizon, and you can experience three sunrises in one morning. Spectacular!

Teacher candidates…think about that for a second. In your future teaching career, or in your prep program now, it’s all about perspective and driving your boat to a new horizon.

You will have students/classmates who are struggling…drive to a new horizon so YOU can understand their why.

You will have colleagues/friends who drive you crazy…drive to a new horizon so YOU can role model unconditional regard.

You will have a boat load of work/assignments to do…drive to a new horizon so YOU can give your best.

You will have an administrator/professor who intimidates you…drive to a new horizon so YOU can find courage.

You will look for new opportunities/teaching ideas…drive to a new horizon so YOU can become creative.

This is one time we can sincerely say…it IS all about YOU, teacher candidates. Having a positive perspective in teaching and in life is vital to YOU and your successes.

YOU are in control of your efforts.

YOU are in charge of your attitude.

YOU are in charge of finding the good in life.

YOU are accountable for the morale around you.

YOU have to find the beauty in your day.

Teacher candidates…whatever you’ve got going on in your teacher prep program right now, just remember…YOU are at the helm…YOU have to drive your boat to a new horizon.

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Stay Calm & Take the Wheel,
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.