Book Talk: Against All Odds by Luke Nelson

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The other day, on a pleasant sunny morning, I walked out my front door at the same time someone in a red pick-up truck pulled up to our Little Free Library. When the driver emerged from the pick-up, I saw it was an acquaintance of mine. She told me she was bringing books to place in the Little Library.

Perfect!! Thank you, Susie!!

As she was putting in her last book, she flashed me the cover and recommended I read it. Okay, I thought. Then she added the cliffhanger… “It’s about a boy who had a stroke when he was in his mother’s womb. I think he’s from around here.”

What?? Well, that certainly grabbed my attention. As she drove away, I grabbed the book out of the Little Library and took it with me to the campground for the weekend. That was on Friday. Today is Sunday. I’m done reading it. It was that good.

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The author’s name is Luke Nelson and he states on page 33 of his book, “…I likely had a stroke as an unborn baby, causing a blood clot that resulted in the loss of one-third of my cerebellum.”

Oh my goodness. 😳 With this type of diagnosis, Luke’s doctors suggested he would never be like other kids — able to run, or ride a bike, or go to high school. And yet, here he is, writing his story. Hallelujah, praise Jesus!!! 🙏❤

The setting of this book takes place in Southwest Minnesota. On page 17, Luke tells about his mom suspecting something was different about her pregnancy. So she heads to the hospital to have an ultra sound…in Slayton, Minnesota. He certainly is from around here because Slayton is just down the road a bit.

Blog Against all odds pg 17

I truly enjoyed the testimonies shared throughout the book by those who have been pivotal in Luke’s life. Stories from Luke’s mom, dad, sister, doctor, teacher, friend. When Luke introduces us to a very special lady who he believes God placed in his life to get him through high school, my mouth dropped open. I know her.

Blog Against all odds pg 91 Julie

If you are an educator like me, we know how mean some kids can be. Do you think Luke breezed through school without any ridicule or mocking or teasing or heart wrenching moments? Bullying happens in ALL schools. And, sadly, it happened to Luke…

Blog Against all odds pg 83 Mocked

Want to know another unbelievable thing about Luke, in addition to him being born with one-third of his brain gone? He almost died. Not just once but three times. THREE!! How you wonder?

Read the book.

Want to discover how he managed to graduate high school?

Read the book.

Want to find out how he overcame bullying?


While Against All Odds by Luke Nelson is for everyone, I want to encourage our teacher candidates to read it. A “Luke” just might be in your classroom someday!!

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Stay Calm & Never Give Up!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

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