Twitter, Porch Swings, & My One Word

My hubby gifted me with a weekend-get-away after Christmas to help boost my spirits from my serious case of winter doldrums. We traveled across the state of MN to the Round Barn B & B in Red Wing, MN. Let me just say, my hubby is the best ever! Why? Our room had a porch swing in it! How tremendous is that! 😍

Blog Porch Swing B & B

My infatuation with the porch swing began in 2014 when I was in Tennessee for an NAESP Conference. On our last day, the hubby and I took a road trip to visit the quaint Franklin, TN. While on our drive there, I sent out a random tweet to all the ‘famous’ people who I knew lived in Franklin. Folks like Patsy Clairmont, Jeff Goins, Ken Davis, and Robert D. Smith

I let them know I was on my way to visit Franklin, so maybe I would be blessed by meeting them. Yes, I was hopeful, but I knew my chances were slim to none that any of them would tweet back to a stranger from Minnesota who tagged them in a random tweet.

Hey…can’t blame a girl for trying, right? 😉

Blog Tweet Patsy

My hubby and I finished our lunch at Puckett’s and I tweeted a few pics from our Franklin visit. Much to my surprise, Patsy Clairmont responded to that last tweet and wrote she was “right down the street from Pucketts…porch sitting!”  Let’s just say the people in Puckett’s probably thought I saw a mouse or something because I screamed out loud when I saw she had responded to my tweet.

Patsy granted us permission to come see her, but gave no directions on how to get to her house. Oh dear. We asked our waiter which way to walk to get to the residential area, and he pointed us in the direction he believed was right. With our sleuth hats on, we walked a few blocks while scanning all the homes looking for Patsy on a porch.

Then…bam! There she was. Sitting on her porch swing. I was so excited. I had seen her present at a Women of Faith Conference and had read several of her books. There she was…in person. Oh.My.Goodness.

She was so gracious and so sincere! She gave us a tour of her home then invited us to sit on her porch and visit with her and her husband, Les. How groovy is that? 😃

As we were getting up to leave, she blessed me even more by giving me an autographed copy of her book Twirl. If you have not read it, I highly recommend you do.

Blog Porch Patsty

Ever since that wonderful visit, I have loved the porch swing. My husband built me one after we returned home from Tennessee, and we now have it hanging out front on our porch during the warmer MN months. The return of the porch swing in the spring is almost more exciting to me than the return of the robins. 🙌

Blog Swing Porch

That is why having a porch swing in our B & B room this past weekend was such a tremendous gift. Swinging on that porch swing in our room lifted my spirits and reminded me that hope is just around the corner. The snow and ice WILL go away, and spring WILL be here soon. Thanks hubby…you are the BEST!

I was able to meet Patsy, see her beautiful home, sit and visit with her and her husband, Les, on the porch, and read her book Twirl all because she took a moment to respond to my random tweet on Twitter.

She responded. Such a simple gift. Makes me wonder how many times I haven’t responded to others? Did I not respond to an email, a voice mail, a text message? I know there have been times when others didn’t respond to me, which can crush the soul, and make me feel like I don’t matter. It’s unfortunate how not responding sends the wrong message.

I believe it is vital to take the few seconds and respond to others. I know I haven’t done as well as I’d like to with this, so, I have chosen RESPOND…this is my one word resolution for 2020.

Let’s ALL make the time to respond to others with grace, kindness, love, and sincerity. We will never know the impact it may have.

Blog One word 2020

Stay Calm and Respond with Kindness!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

P.S. – What is your one word for 2020?

P.S.S. – Who doesn’t love a porch swing. 😃

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