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Clouds … Fly A Little Higher

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“It won’t be long now… If only, I had a little bit more time…” – Zach Sobiech

What do you want to do today? Why are you waiting? Stop reading and get started! Okay – maybe finish reading and then get started. 🙂

This past weekend, Laura Sobiech, mom to Zach, spoke about her son’s incredible journey to an audience of stilled listeners at the Legacy Banquet in Marshall, Minnesota. She talked about her life, her family, and her experiences mourning death and more importantly – celebrating life. It seems in our day-to-day rush, we sometimes forget to stop and celebrate our time together. Laura’s talk reminded us to do that.

In Laura’s book, Fly a Little Higher, she shares her story, Zach’s story, with her readers. Zach is well known for his song, Clouds, which he wrote with his mom’s encouragement to write as he battled osteosarcoma. Was his song well known, you ask? As of this blog, the youtube video had over 11 million hits.

Listening to Laura share her story was overwhelming and amazing. It was a challenge to aim a little higher and care a little more. Think back to your resolutions for 2015. Where are you at? What have you accomplished? What could you do more of if you had a little more time? We could go on and on with this blog, but instead watch the Clouds video one more time or listen to the song one more time. One thing is for certain, stop, breathe, listen, and watch the clouds… aim to fly a little higher today.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.