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From Summer Daze to School Days

So it’s true! We are head-over-tail in love with school! Literally! As a new school year gets underway, we are ready to learn – and to play! Meet this furry student, Stella. She is the newest member of class. The boys are her BFFs – also heading into another year of learning!

Meet Stella
                            Meet Stella
BLOG boys to school
                           Stella’s BFFs

Transitioning from summer to school can be tough. Even with the excitement of a new year, it can leave us out of sorts as we start a “regular” schedule and get back into the routine of school.

Here are some helpful tips to get us on the right track! This is for students, parents, furry friends, and maybe even professors as we head back to school. 🙂
Stella and her pals – human and furry – are sharing advice for school success.

First the basics…

*Be sure to think about looking your best. It can help you act your best. First impressions are important in this world of ours – so aim to make your first impression your best.

Bathe regularly :)
         Bathe regularly 🙂

*Drink lots of water. It is important for our brains to stay hydrated as we try to learn and understand new concepts.

BLOG dogs in the pool   BLOG dogs water    BLOG kids in the pool

*Get enough exercise. We need to be physically active to help our brains.

Walk & Talk - check!
                           Walk & Talk – check!

*Get some rest! The change in routine can wear on us so we need to establish an earlier bedtime and be consistent with it.


Once you have that down-pat, move on down the list to more advanced advice…

*Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself. You are the best at being you. So Relax – you’ve got this!

Just chillin'
                   Just chillin’                     Stella gets “being herself” confused with her nap time it seems.

*Find a friend to talk to and share about your day. It’s important to be brave, but it’s also important to just “get it out of your system” with a friend.

This is how the story goes...
              This is how the story goes…

*Find something that you like and stick with it. The world will push and pull you in many directions; as it aims to shape you, stick with your favorites even with pressure to change. It may not make sense to other, but if it works for you, stay the course.

I wonder if they will notice if I take this gem for a cruise...????
I wonder if they will notice if I take this gem for a cruise…????  They keep telling me no, but I won’t give up trying…

*Play nicely with others. Enough said.

If Garfield and Ode can do it, why can't we?
If Garfield and Ode can be friends, why can’t we?

*Don’t forget to read – for learning and for enjoyment.

BLOG Jackson reading to Stella         BLOG Jonah reading to Stella          BLOG JR reading to Stella

*Take on a new challenge. Go for it. We dare you. If you aren’t learning and growing and stumbling along the way, the journey just isn’t the same. Make it worth it!

College life!
Katie at college! No puppies allowed though so we are sending out love the distance to her!

*Get your priorities set – include time to work and time to play. We aren’t mental health professionals, but we do know that all work and no play can leave us exhausted and without purpose.

BLOG JR swing       BLOG girls fun      BLOG doggie friend

*When you go out in the world, find a buddy. Life isn’t as scary with a buddy by your side to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

BLOG doggies
                             I’ve got you!
Woof! Woof!
              Woof! Woof!

Sounds like common sense, right? Even if it doesn’t, we are firm believers that even old dogs can be taught new tricks! Stella is excited to formally start doggie school next week… stay tuned for an update on her formal schooling experience. Wondering if they will be using 21st century teaching and learning strategies and integrate technology….hmmm….?

Enjoy the school year! Bark on! 🙂

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

What We Learned about Leadership from Chef Alton Brown

Argus Leader
                    Google Images

Food Network star, celebrity chef, and bestselling author, Alton Brown is the infamous host of Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen. His humorous commentary will cause several occasions of LOLs throughout these shows. Last night, those LOLs echoed throughout the Sioux Falls pavilion as Alton nailed his performance Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour.

Throughout his performance, Alton Brown entertained all of us with his storytelling, his quick wit, his demonstrations, his inventiveness, and his passion. We see how these qualities apply to all educational leaders. And seriously…aren’t we educators prone to entertainment and performance these days? Below we share our insights on these six entertaining talents needed for leaders:

Performance: Educational leaders perform every day…in the classrooms, in the office, in the boardroom, in the decisions we make. When you think about it, every single one of us is a performer each and every day. Great performers include their audiences, and Alton did just that. He talked with us; he asked for volunteers; he included us. Educational leaders: don’t go at your performance alone; involve your people. Are you acting solo?

Storytelling: Alton had our laughing muscles hurting as he told stories from his first time on Iron Chef Japan. We were captivated by his recreation of the time he had to eat trout ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly…trout ice cream! Ice cream that contained not just trout pieces, but the WHOLE fish. Educational leaders need to be storytellers. We must capture the positive happenings in our schools. We can share these stories with the community through social media and other appropriate means. If we don’t tell our school’s story, someone else will. Who is telling your story?

Humor: We laughed so hard we cried. Alton can get his audience laughing through his stories, his facial expressions, and the sometimes pun that he used. Educational leaders can do the same. Laughing with your people daily will build respect among your people, and will ease frustration and uncertainty. Young and old alike remember the educational leader who could make them laugh. Get a dose of some daily humor by checking out some educational puns. Who did you share a laugh with today?

Demonstrations: Alton created an ice cream maker using a fire extinguisher. A VERY LARGE fire extinguisher. He demonstrated for the audience on how this ice cream maker works. Alton asked his volunteer to put on safety glasses to ensure protection just in case something blew up. Educational leaders need to demonstrate protection for their people; to not just tell the “how” of a situation but also the “why.” This will earn trust and respect, which will protect educational leaders from those possible blow-ups in school. Did you remember to put on your safety goggles today?

Argus Leader
                       Argus Leader

Inventiveness: Easy Bake Oven…Alton wanted one of those when he was a kid. He took care of that desire by inventing his own version of the Easy Bake Oven. Alton’s assistant rolled it out onto the stage, and voila, Alton unveiled his Mega Oven. Alton’s assistant didn’t know how to flip a pizza. Alton taught her. Educational leaders need to be inventive by creating new ideas within the four walls of the school. If the people they lead are unsure, then the educational leader must teach them. Include them in the inventive brainstorming. What did you bake today?

Argus Leader
                    Argus Leader

Passion: For two hours and 45 minutes, Alton had the attention of the audience. How does a person engage the audience for that long without boredom setting in? Passion. Alton was very passionate about what he did. His voice was enthusiastic; his actions were enthusiastic. It was obvious he was on an adventure with us, and he was filled to the brim with passion. Educational leaders need to lead with this same sense of passion and share that passion with your people – students, staff, stakeholders. What are you passionate about?

Stay Calm & Lead On!

Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.