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Seriously Proud of These 2021 Grads!

Seriously, we are so PROUD of these grads! To make it through what they have made it through…history makers for sure! You have taught us as much or more than we have taught you by your actions and persistence during this challenging year.

Now it is time to go make history again…go out and change the world one student, one classroom at a time. We have gifted our new grads with a Mustang journal to keep record of all the lives impacted by their teaching from this day forward. History is no doubt in the making with each step forward and each student positively impacted.

While waiting in line to take their turn to walk the stage and receive their diploma, these School of Education graduates were asked to share a favorite memory from their teacher preparation program here at SMSU. Some declined the question, however, a few were willing to share…

Payton B. – those people who came to Child Lit class and shared about Braille.

Rebecca M. – The Jeffers trainings in Dr. Kandy’s class.

McKenzie D. – When the bus broke down on the way to MEA in the cities.

Kara E. – Building relationships with local educators during field experiences.

Tessa C. – Working with the kids.

Alyssa L. – Meeting my best friend in ED 101.

Miranda M. – All of the great professors.

Avery L. – Oh, the clinicals.

Alyssa G. – My favorite memory was student teaching because I had the best mentor teacher in the best classroom.

Bobby H. – Frankie because she’s Frankie.

Cole M. & Payton H. – The swimming class with Frankie and with all my classmates.  

Lana W. ­– All the learning celebrations we had together.

Issac N. – I would say how helpful each of the SMSU staff were with any questions or help with any instruction.

Carry your memories in your pocket, graduates, then you can pull them out whenever you need to smile.

All of you have found your purpose – your calling – which is teaching. Seriously, we are so PROUD of you! You remind us why we do what we do each day. We excitedly anticipate your next adventure with you; the sky is the limit and SMSU is your springboard. We leave you with a quote by Kerry Washington: “Your life is your story and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential.”

Stay Calm & Best Wishes Always!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V. 

Teach With All Your Heart


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~Confucius

Graduation 2016 - 3

Congratulations to our SMSU School of Education 2016 graduates. Using the quote above and giving it a twist, our words of wisdom for all of you are, “wherever you teach, teach with all your heart.” The youth of the world deserve nothing less!

You’re off to great places…

One step in front of the other is how we make our way through life. Sounds easy enough, right? Well – it turns out some steps are just tiny, little inches forward while some steps are giant leaps. Sometimes we are prepared and just keep moving while other times we are not so much — and just fall over…but get back up!

No matter the step – three basic guidelines to keep you upright in your journey.

Graduation 2016 - 5

Follow the leader – when you know it’s right. Make your own path if they aren’t going in the right direction.

Graduation 2016 - 2

Walk with a buddy or two. Humans are collaborative in nature, and it makes the journey so much more enjoyable. Stick together and succeed.

Say thanks. As you go along your life’s journey, remember to thank those folks who have given you lots of encouragement along the way. Here’s a good example:

THANK YOU, Ken Stanek, now retired elementary principal. Thirty years ago you gave this hometown girl a chance in the education ecosystem. Even though I thought I was fired before I ever started because the school board back then questioned your hiring policies because “locals” we’re not hired. And the newspaper printed that doubt in the newspaper for the whole community to read, you, sir, stuck to your philosophy and by my side. You gave me my educational wings…and I flew! Thank you, Mr. Stanek, from the bottom of my heart.

Graduation 2016 - 11

Now thirty years later your granddaughter is one of our SMSU graduates and you stand by her side encouraging her to use her educational wings to fly.

Graduates, it’s time to spread your educational wings and soar! Go out there and teach with all your heart.

Graduation 2016 - 10

We are your #proudprofs.

Stay Calm & graduate on!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.