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10 Reading Strategies for Use in Any Classroom

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Reading is one of the three critical pieces of learning; reading, writing, and discussion, as proposed by Mike Schmoker, are “…the foundation for a well-equipped mind: the key to equity, access, and economic opportunity” (2006, p.72).

The following are useful B-D-A strategies to use in any classroom:

Before Reading Strategies: used to motivate, build and activate prior knowledge, introduce vocab, and develop metacognitive awareness (Vacca, Vacca, and Mraz, 2011).

1—Anticipation Guide


3—Story Impressions


During Reading Strategies: used to connect reader to text with structured guidance so students distinguish importance between ideas, understand relationships, and activity respond to meaning (Vacca, Vacca, and Mraz, 2011).

4—Discussion Web

5—Admit Slip/Ticket to Enter

6—Guided Reading Procedure (GRP)


After Reading Strategies: used to clarify and extend emerging concepts (Vacca, Vacca, and Mraz, 2011).



9—Reciprocal Teaching


Drum roll, please…

10—Spread the wealth to others… share our blog and read again!
Happy Reading!

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