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“That Sounds Fun” Book Talk

Say YES to fun! That’s what Annie F. Downs, author of That Sounds Fun, strongly recommends we do. I am all in to this recommendation!!! 🙋 I’ve never met this gal, but I would LOVE to hang out with her for a day or two. I know for sure we would be friends.

How did I find out about this book? I listened to Adam Weber’s podcast when he interviewed Annie. He mentioned Annie’s book in Episode 116 so I called our local library to see if they had the book. We are small town America, so they had to put a hold on it from a distant library who did have it. Three weeks later I picked it up. I just finished the book and it is fabulous. I told my hubby it was so good, I want my own copy. Yep…buying it!

Annie has a podcast called That Sounds Fun. She explains in her book how that title came to be. On page 55, Annie tells of her being a huge fan of author Ted Dekker. Through a good friend who knew Ted, Annie had the opportunity to record an interview with Ted. Annie asked her friend what she wanted her to do with the audio. Her friend asked her “have you ever thought about starting a podcast?” Annie’s answer, and I quote: “And hand to heaven, I responded, ‘That sounds fun.” The podcast title and the book title were born.

At the end of her podcasts, Annie will ask her listeners what sounds fun to them. She has PAGES of ideas in her book from her guests and her listeners. If you are struggling for something fun to do…look at just those pages. As I was looking at many of these pages in her book, the one that stuck out to me is from John…what sounds fun to him is Front porch swing talks. John is speaking my love language. I have a porch swing out front AND out back! And a sign that asks others to come sit with me on my porch swing where the friendship is free.

I thought about my friend, colleague, and blogging partner when I read page 79. Sonya (Dr. V. to all of you), lost her nephew and blogs about it each year on Carter’s home-to-heaven anniversary (look for this blog at the end of June). Her family continues to celebrate Carter in FUN ways. Annie writes “To me, making strong fun memories are some of the best ways to partner with the pain you feel and give it purpose. Fun is never meant to replace pain….. But fun can walk alongside it.” So, I sent Sonya a text message with a snap picture of page 79. Today as I write, I am thinking of you, Dr. V., and ALL your family as you near the anniversary date of Carter going home to heaven. Love you all! ❤

 As I get older and realize life is a little wonky at times, I get a feeling that is hard to describe. I could never put my finger on this feeling. Well, I got my answer from this book. I yearn for Eden. I ache for the time when life was simple. No hatred. No disease. No sadness. No loss. No shame. Just love! Perfection. I want the time BEFORE Adam and Eve screwed it up. 😉

Eden. Yes, Annie, that’s it. I can now put my finger on that indescribable feeling I’ve had for years. I long for Eden.

Until then, Annie…I plan to have fun because as you share in your book on page 74, “Most anything CAN be fun. It just depends on us.”

Amen, Annie! Amen. Thank you for such a touching book. I encourage all of our blog readers to read it!

Stay Calm & Have Fun!
Profs Dr. Wendy Dr. V.