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God Speaks To Us Through March Madness

A few weeks ago, my preacher shared how God speaks to us. Pastor Jeff taught us that God speaks to us through His creation (sunrises anyone? 🙋‍🌞), and He speaks to us through scripture (2 Timothy 3:16). This sermon reminded me of the Notes journal app I have on my phone. For about four years, I thumb-tapped into my Notes app ways I believed God was speaking to me.

Similar to Motherese, which is the special way mothers vocalize to their babies, I titled this Notes file Godese, which I define as the special way God vocalizes to us…His children. I smiled while I read through some of these past Godese stories. It was a fun trip down memory lane. I do believe God speaks to us through creation and scripture, plus, I also believe He speaks to us in many other ways! Let me elaborate…

Today is March 1st, which is the day I try to remember to send my son a “Happy March Madness Month” text message each year (yes, that son of mine certainly LOVES basketball, and now so does my grandson). 🧡🏀 So, when I read the Godese story I had written back in 2013 about March Madness, I felt compelled to share it with you. I think you will enjoy it! 😉


God speaks to us through March Madness

As my man and I were watching Michigan vs Kansas in overtime, Burke, who plays for Michigan, had a tattoo on his left shoulder that read Proverbs 3•73. That is the way my hubby and I saw it anyway. We paused and rewound the DVR just to get a closer look.  

It allured us to the bible. First off…there aren’t 73 verses in Proverbs 3. We had to narrow it down to what possible verse it could be. Verse 7b in Proverbs 3 states to “shun evil.” That’s good. Proud of the young college basketball player for possibly having that on his arm.

My hubby then said it’s probably a fancy script and the “7” is most likely a “1.”  If that is the case then it could be Proverbs 3:13 which reads “blessed is the man who gains wisdom, the man who gains understanding.” That is a really good verse too!

My hubby suddenly shouts out to me “that’s it.”  He had searched the web using his phone by typing in Burke Michigan Tattoo Proverbs into the Google search engine and this is what he found…

“All eyes will be on this point guard during the NCAA tournament. (He was just named Big Ten player of the year, after all.) But our eyes will be on his single shoulder tat that shows a set of cupped hands holding an owl with the script Proverbs 3:13 above it…”  

I know I could use a win in the game of wisdom and understanding. And, searching the bible for that verse in Proverbs was a gift from March Madness and from Mr. Burke. Congrats to Michigan on their win in overtime.

Lord…thank you for the mini bible study tonight all because of watching a basketball game during the Sweet 16. 

Isn’t that a fun story? 😍🏀 Happy March Madness Month to my son, Kyle, to my grandson, Warren, and to all you college basketball fanatics. Good luck to all the teams who make it there this month. Maybe this year’s tournaments will bring another Godese moment.

I pray we all gain His wisdom and His understanding, and I also pray God continues to vocalize to me, to us, in His own special way!

Stay Calm & Listen for Godese Moments!
Profs Dr. Wendy Dr. V. 

Lessons Learned at the Feet of Wisdom

One of our favorite quotes from Andy Rooney is,
“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of the elderly.”

Not that we are considered elderly quite yet (well, maybe Wendy is 🙂 ), but we know that WISDOM is a gift that comes with age. The older we get, hopefully, the wiser we become. At the feet of WISDOM, we have learned a lesson or two this past year:

  • Jump in the pool and swim every morning, or go for a walk – it gets out our kinks.
  • Make important decisions together as a team, then move on and don’t dwell over them.
  • Visit places you have never been – like California for the NAESP Conference and South Carolina for the Scholastic Research Conference.
    BLOG wisdom 1
  • Sit at the bedside of a loved one who is dying. Pray with, sing to, read scriptures to, and hold their hand – saying goodbye to a young adult seems to be so unfair.BLOG wisdom 2
  • Spell love with a capital T:I.M.E. – put down our cell phones and give away our time generously to those we treasure most like our family members and/or friends while visiting over a cup of coffee.
  • Celebrate reunions – reunite with classmates and family that we haven’t seen in years.
    BLOG wisdom
  • Share a smile – it is a cheap way to improve our looks & it turns our dreary-wearies into cheery-cheeries (from the children’s book The Pout Pout Fish). 🙂

    BLOG wisdom 5
  • Embrace technology – Facebook, Facetime, Skype, Twitter…all great ways to stay connected with those we care about.
  • Become a ‘2nd-to-the-last-word’ person – silence is a source of great strength so shhhh.
  • Thank others often – special people have taught us this lesson and it does make a big difference!

Now it’s our turn…thank you for taking the time to check out our blog each week. We wish you a week full of wisdom.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.