Just Two More Minutes!

Just. Two. More. Minutes. We think it; we say it; we live it…unfortunately. Life is busy and does not pause for us…even if we chant the mantra “Just two more minutes!” We can always use more time to accomplish this and accomplish that…to accomplish “the list.”
The list seems to continuously grow as we try our best to check off items and conquer the list. Maybe it is just one big joke on us to even think we can accomplish everything on our lists. It is the hope of that possibility that keeps us ticking and checking.
As Wendy and I brainstorm our next blog, she shares with me how she was watching a young mother give her undivided attention to her…phone while her toddler desperately tries to get her divided attention. In our world of getting connected, the very “connections” we make cause us to lose connections with those around us. As I am thinking about this, I am looking down at my phone and telling my kindergartener, “Just two more minutes.” I think about this for just a minute longer and realize, I need to look up and give my two minutes now instead of later. My boys—ages (almost) 12, 9, & 6— will be grown up before I know it, and there won’t be a rewind button on life. ~SV


Now that I have truly realized it, what’s next? …and I want to know now and not in two more minutes! Here is our take on staying present.

5 Easy Steps to Remain Present:

1— Put your device to work. Use your calendar and other apps to keep you organized. Set aside specific time(s) during the day that you are connected to your phone or device; otherwise, be connected to people.

2—Put your device down and get connected. Be with those around you in real time when possible. Whether you are a teacher in the classroom, a parent in the kitchen, or a colleague at your desk, talk to someone instead of typing to someone.

3—Walk with your head held high. Smile and greet others as you pass by them whether at school or the store or on your way to work. Take in the environment that surrounds your real person and not your avatar.

4—Get some vitamin N to renew. What is vitamin N? It is nature. Go outside and get connected with Mother Nature, not your phone. Take time to breathe, relax, and be present. Grab a friend and go for a walk and talk.

5—Physical contact is important. Your phone does not give the best hugs so aim to keep them between you and your family and friends. Siri is great, but she just doesn’t have the personality of your loved ones.

We’d write more, but we just don’t have two more minutes for the computer right now. 🙂

Take time to be in the present. After all, the present is a gift. Let your presence be your present to others.


Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.


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