Graduation Day – Friends Forever

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Graduation day… whether it’s from kindergarten or from college, it is a day filled with emotions: happy, sad, excited, scared, proud.  It is not goodbye though!  It is a day to find your wings and fly! To remember all the exciting times you have had together with friends.

Each kindergartner starts out on his or her own…finding friends along the way.  Kindergarteners are just beginning to find that one person (or two or three or more 🙂 ), who will end up being their best friend…a friend forever, who will be on the journey through childhood and beyond with them.  Likewise, college students have developed friendships that will last a life-time. Those friends who will…
Stand up for each other at weddings…
Support each other if cancer strikes without warning…
Stay by each other’s side no matter how far apart the future takes them.

Today…Remember it is okay to start a journey on your own.  Remember to embrace special friends made along the way.  Remember to never take these special friends for granted.  When we remember these pieces of wisdom, it makes the world a happier place. For this week, that is our only goal…to be happy.

Congrats to all graduates! We are proud of you. We wish for you what Mark Harris sings in his song Find Your Wings: “It’s not living if you don’t reach for the sky. We’ll have tears as you take off, but we’ll cheer as you fly!” Find your wings and fly!

Stay Calm & Lead On! Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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