20,000 Days Old: Get Your “Love-of-Life” On!

On Monday, July 21, 2014, Wendy will turn 20,000 days old. In September of 2031, Sonya will turn 20,000 days old. No, Wendy is not her mother (although she is old enough that she could be! 🙂 ) What does 20,000 days old look like? What does 13,725 days old look like? What does living that long mean? What does the future hold? Have we made a difference in life?

Below are five thoughts that we believe could possibly accessorize your life as you move closer to and then beyond your 20,000 days:

Relationships: Building relationships, lasting relationships, will bless your life!Focus on your family and your friends and your colleagues. Do everything possible to NOT let anything come between you and those you love! Let go of any “me, me, me” mentalities! Make sure life is about others and not about you!

Wisdom: If you were asked to go back and do it all over again, would you? Not that life wasn’t enjoyable “back in the day,” but we certainly like where we have arrived! And we certainly like the fact that we are moving forward. With age comes wisdom! It is one quality that is worth the wait in gold!

Contentment: Someone once asked “I just want to stay home and watch a movie. Does that make me old?” That is not being old, people, that is being content in your circumstances! What a great place to be!

Volunteer: Volunteering to bless others will bless you ten-fold! It will make your heart swell with appreciation and gratitude. Volunteer at a nursing home. Volunteer at your local Hospice House. Volunteer to drive cancer patients to their chemo appointments. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Volunteer at an elementary school. Your heart will never be the same if you do!

Enrichment:  Relationships, wisdom, contentment, and becoming a volunteer all enhance our lives. And isn’t that what all of us want? To have a life that has made a difference? Life experiences can enrich our lives. We just need to live our life to its fullest!

Robert D. Smith wrote the book, 20000 Days and Counting. In his book he writes about “living each day as if it were your last.” We agree. Want to know when YOU reach YOUR 20,000th day? Download the app Reminder & Countdown (Free version). It is kind of fun to watch the time tick away—heavy emphasis on “kind of.” 🙂


 blog clock 

A favorite quote is one by Andy Rooney. He said:

“Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.”

Yup, that basically sums it up! Enjoy life, readers!! It goes by much too quickly. How did Kenny Chesney sing it? Don’t Blink!

What are some ways you have enriched your life?


Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.


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