It’s Easy For You

Dear Twitter Friend, @burgessdave:

It happened. It happened just last week. Those six words you talk about in your book Teach Like a Pirate under the Ask and Analyze section. Those six words that you intensely and energetically told your audience about in Brookings, SD. Those six words that you stated raises your blood pressure up about 50 notches every time you talk about them. Those six words that sound like a compliment at first…and then, WHAM, they actually discredit our years and years and years of hard work.

Last week one early morning, we were out walking and talking about eating right and exercising. One of the walkers mentioned she would not drink a glass of her favorite beverage—chocolate milk. She exercises a lot so she was told chocolate milk would be good for her after a hard workout. She said if she had one glass then she would drink the whole gallon and that gallon would make her gain weight back. We told her we believed she had better self-discipline than that. We told her that we had faith in her. Then it happened…she uttered those 6 words…It’s easy for you. You’re skinny.

At first, it sounded like a compliment.

Thank you.

Glad you think so.

Then reality hit and the thought occurred to us… Really? Are you serious? NO, it isn’t easy. It has never been easy. For the past 30 plus years, exercise has been a daily routine—early morning walks, early morning swims, early morning boot camps, late afternoon bike rides, more late afternoon walks. Easy? NO, not easy at all. Years and years of hard work and commitment and determination and perseverance are not easy. Making the decision every morning that ‘exercise is not an option’ has no correlation whatsoever to the term easy.

So, @burgessdave, it is now crystal clear why you get so fired up when you tell your story of those six words. When those six words are used against us, thanks to you, we are now better equipped to make a solid comment back. Kindly and gently but firmly, we commented “no, it is not easy for us. Whether we enjoy exercise or not, we can either choose to do it, or we can choose not to do it, and we choose to do it. Or as Yoda would say, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Exercise is like marriage, we must commit 100% to it before we begin. We make the choice every morning to dedicate at least 60 minutes of our time to exercise. It’s not easy, but it reaps a better life style. Here’s to another 30 plus years of exercise…! ~Wendy

What’s your story? Fill in the blank and tell us about it. “It’s easy for you. You’re ____________.”

Editor’s Note: Sonya did not say this to Wendy. 🙂

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.


2 thoughts on “It’s Easy For You

  1. Awesome!. I hear it all of the time. They don’t see me getting up at 4AM and going to the gym. They don’t see the late evening runs. Good for you. Get fired up. It comes from hard work and commitment.


  2. I know how hard it is to exercise every day. Between a heavy teaching schedule, family concerns, some injuries (that nag on and on as I get older), it’s hard to set time each day to do something I love: workout. Hang in there and keep up the consistent workouts. Take care.


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