What A Spootakular Idea!

Hallowarts Architect
                   Hallowarts Architect

BLOG Hallowarts post

Sonya: “Let’s start from the beginning.”

Wendy: “Oh, good idea! Let’s!”

Sonya: “Once upon a time –“

Wendy: “Wait…what? What beginning is that?”

Sonya: “Like every beginning ever.”

Wendy: “No, silly, let’s start from the beginning on this blog – it’s purpose.”

Sonya: “Oh – yes – let’s – great idea! Like I was saying… Once upon a time, there was this friend and colleague of ours who likes to have fun and is a little competitive perhaps…or maybe she just knows the rest of us well. She suggested that we engage in a friendly and fun competition of the Great Pumpkin in the SMSU School of Education. This event gave way to other creative ideas to implement at school and home this week for some ‘friendly’ competition. Read these ideas and you are certain to win any holiday competition.

Wendy: “Really? Is that why we started this particular blog entry? I thought it was to share fun fall ideas with our teacher candidates and others who just appreciate a good time. Hmmm…”

Sonya: “So I guess you have your reasons and I have mine… We had better get started before I need to be explicitly reminded of my coaching philosophy – learning, fun, and then winning. Without further ado – read on to be a ‘fun-lover’ this week even in the midst of work and life responsibilities. Enjoy!”

How to Have a Spootakular Time:

1. Enjoy! Take a few deep breaths and remember life is meant to be enjoyed. We get so busy with our “to do” list both at school and home, we forget our purpose, which is to simply live life.

2. Be! Spend time with and BE WITH others. It isn’t about a competition after all, but about being with others and celebrating the good times. Take time to be in the moment instead of mentally tallying the other things on your list that you think you should be doing because of guilt or another competition altogether.

3. Explore! We don’t have to have all the answers and/or ideas. Search and share. In the midst of spootakular exploration, we stumbled across a Pinterest board – “Halloween Spootakular.” Okay – so maybe it was not quite by accident and a somewhat purposeful find in our mission to seek the “Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Needless to say, we became a bit distracted with all the fun ideas so we simply had to share them with you.

4. Share! To go back to something we mentioned before – share. Life may seem like a competition far too often. We need to consider that two pumpkins are better than one when it comes to ideas and growing into something bigger than ourselves. Whether at work or at home – think about your purpose – your mission – and act based on that as your guide. It may be about winning together that is more important you mentioning that you did more laundry this week than your mate or that you are working harder than a colleague. What difference does it make if it is done alone. Get rid of the silo.

5. Do! Have a Pumpkin Carving/Decorating competition. If professors enjoy this activity so will your students, your families, your friends.

Enjoy the season and we wish you a “Happy Fall, Y’all.” 🙂

BLOG pumpkins

PS – Neither of us won, but we sure did have fun! 🙂

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs ~ Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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