Live and Learn

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Calling all perfectionists – yes, we are talking to you! Life can be rather strict without a lot of joy when you expect only the best AND no errors along the way. It is something different to expect the best and expect errors along the way. So – Make a mistake! Go for it! We dare you. It is important in life to make mistakes and learn and grow from them. According to Micah Lancaster, basketball trainer extraordinaire, if we do not make mistakes we are not working hard enough. We need to give it our all and that “all” is going to require a few slip ups along the way as we strive to get better.

This concept is one that we need to model for our friends and family. It is critical that we model acceptance of mistakes in our classrooms with our students. The number wrong on an assessment does not define who we are; rather, it points out our attempts to learn and move forward. FAIL just means First Attempt in Learning. The only true failure is not trying at all. Encourage students to try – to give it their best shot. Einstein made countless errors in his scientific studies. He did not give up when others thought him to be quite the opposite of smart along the way.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA. It is a chance to give thanks for all that we have and more importantly, who we have in our lives. It is also a time to give thanks for life’s lessons, too. Be thankful for the mistakes. They make us who we are. It is important to give thanks for the mistakes we make in the learning opportunities we have each day.

We can’t get better if everything we do is perfect start. If that phrase does not leave you convinced, maybe one of these famous or fresh quotes will do the trick.

*It is the process not the product.

*It is the journey not the destination that makes us who we are.

*Live and learn.

*Try, try, and try again.

Remember – The only true failure happens when we don’t even try.

Go out and make a mistake today. It’s okay; you have our permission… just don’t hurt anyone on purpose. 😉

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs ~ Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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