Chase Away the Winter Blues

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Are you experiencing the winter blues? February is the month of LOVE filled with lots of red hearts and chocolate candy so let’s chase away the winter blues. If you are starting to climb the walls, we suggest that you take that literally. No, seriously, go climb some walls…do a little rock climbing that is.

Rock climbing might be just the perfect mid-winter break that you need. And it won’t cost you much either if you go to your local YMCA or your backyard. After perusing Pinterest, we found some cheap ways to hang out with friends or with any significant others (and we know how important ‘cheap’ is for our teacher candidates…not a whole lot of cash in their pockets this time of year. 🙂 )

Of the several cheap winter date ideas we found, below are a few of our favorites:

Picnic Date: Pick your favorite foods and beverage to pack into a picnic basket. Find a comfy blanket then throw it down on the floor in your pad. Unpack your food and beverage to enjoy some quiet time together…minus the ants. Don’t forget to savor some Valentine’s Day chocolate during your picnic together.

Random Acts of Kindness Date: Who doesn’t enjoy making homemade Valentine’s Day cards? Especially us educators. Grab your scissors, glue, glitter, yarn, feathers, beads, and other stuff to create a few snazzy Valentine’s Day cards. Together, deliver them to a few of the elderly at a local nursing home. You will bless their day, and, your heart will be blessed even more.

Photography Date: The possibilities are endless when your camera is right inside your pocket. Whether you are using an iPhone or a Canon, pictures are easily captured. Just remember a few basics when taking pictures: have a subject, take silhouette shots, include shadows and reflections, find unique angles, and keep pictures simple. Combine all of these simple tips, and you’ll have awesome photos. Have a contest and see who can capture first within the community, A – Z in pictures. Be the first one done and friends buy you a root beer float. 🙂

Fireplace Date: Find a fireplace then just sit and relax together. Grab a hot chocolate, visit quietly, and be mesmerized by the flames. It doesn’t get much better than that. Except if it’s a REAL fire, then you can make S’mores. Yum!

Read Together: February is I Love to Read month after all! Being reading and literature specialists, we simply cannot resist this one – as cheesy as it might sound. Go for something that pulls on your heartstrings… remember Fly a Littler Higher? Or something that makes you laugh like Sh*t My Dad Says; we read that one on a flight once and the gentleman next to me asked if everything was okay. Sorry to disturb! We did laugh together.

Wish Upon a Star: Whether at the planetarium or bundled up under the night sky, take time to look up together and make a wish. It is love’s season of hope after all. Be hopeful and optimistic together. The bills won’t pay themselves so you can’t wish work away, but you could wish and/or pray for the bright spot in life.

Sweetheart Resolutions: Think of Valentine’s Day as your chance to start a fresh new year together – significant other, family members, and friends. Establish a list of what you want to continue/encourage with the start of this new year of love or what you want to do better. With the winter blahs and life’s stresses, it is easy to take for granted those we love and who love us back despite our faults.

So, if you’re feeling cooped up, with your nerves about to fray; just change your attitude, there’s still time to save the day. Go on a winter date with friends or significant others because we are always better together. Happy Valentine’s Day to our teacher candidates and to all of our blog readers.

Please share with us some ways that you beat the winter blues.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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