How to Survive Elementary Clinical

What happens when 49 teacher candidates take over an entire elementary school for two full days? Exhaustion sets in on the very first day, and many ‘ah ha’ moments happen. 🙂

BLOG clinical survivors

When we asked our teacher candidates to write their ‘ah ha’ moments from their two-day experience, below are comments a few of them had to share:

Kelsey & Bridgette – “Technology does fail, and amazed at how much second graders cry.”

Lydia – “Students who were so naughty the first day, were so good the second day.”

Justin – “When a kid hugged me at the end of the two days and I didn’t think he liked me.”

Jessica – “How tired you can be at the end of the day. I was pretty worn out.”

Dani – “Attention getters work.”

Gina – “Don’t ask the students questions like ‘do you want to do another one’ because they will all say no.”

Sarah – “Sometimes you think of good ideas on the spot.”

Mallory – “How many times students ask to go to the bathroom.”

Melissa – “Very important to follow through on promises made because the students will remember.”

These same teacher candidates also offered some advice for next year’s junior teacher candidates on how they, too, can survive their clinical experience and have it go smoothly:

Tanya – “Prepare, prepare, prepare! Plan ahead and collaborate with your partner on the lesson plans.”

Carly – “Set a timeline of everything that needs to be done and stick to it so you aren’t so stressed.”

Kassidy – “Make sure students know what is expected of them and follow through on discipline.”

Billy – “Make sure you have extra activities for each lesson.”

Kelsey – “Start early! Don’t put things off until the last minute.”

Hanna – “Work, work, work!”

Ashly – “Have many 5-minute fillers planned.”

Kelli – “Don’t stress out. Everything works out.” 🙂

We applaud you, elementary clinical survivors! Congratulations on a job well-done!

A few words of wisdom for survival for every teacher candidate out there – or any teacher or any parent or well… just anybody…

1 – Check your zipper.

2- Match your shoes. This means try not to leave the house with two different shoes on… trying to match it to the outfit is out of the question here.

3- Buttons, ties, closures, or any type – check them. Did we already mention zippers?

4- Drink water.

5- Sleep.

6- Don’t forget to eat.

7- Turn that frown upside down. No matter what happens – the rainbow is on its way.

8- Laugh at yourself.

9-Enjoy it.

10- Remember you are shaping the future – no small task … so thank you!

  BLOG Survive

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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