Take Time to Stop and Admire the Tulips

BLOG tulips

And so it happens… each year about this time we find ourselves faced with the bittersweet time of school and life – graduation. Where has the time gone? It can’t be happening yet again – like a re-run episode of your favorite show. “Our kids” are growing up and spreading their wings to fly away from the SMSU nest.

As the clocks speed up, sometimes we forget to look around us and be patient. We found ourselves walking past these tulips the other day – and thankfully, we paused to capture their beauty when we eyed their vibrant colors. We looked at each other and thought – we need to pause a moment longer and just be. That, of course, also caused us to think – our next blog will be … 🙂

Words to remember as the final weeks of youth fly by and commencement signifies the closing of a chapter and the start of another…

Stop & Admire: Life will continue to speed up so it is important to take time to simply stop and be. Admire the tulips and anything pleasing to the eye.

Listen & Learn: There is so much information and social media surrounding us that we sometimes forget to listen to our colleagues, our neighbors, our friends. Put down that device and intently listen…you may learn a thing or two.

Breathe & Relax: When faced with stressful times in life, take some deep breaths and this will help you relax.

Stretch: Take a moment to step away from it all. Stretch our the stress and go for a walk. We know that movement helps us fire on all cylinders better – so get up and move. 

Feel: It is okay to enjoy life and being with others. Express your emotions. Feel good about being you and what you can do today.

Laugh: It is the best medicine after all so take time to laugh and smile. People want to be around happy people. We will live longer with laughter. Doctors’ orders. 🙂

Remember: Aim to focus on your purpose by remembering why you started the journey. It is the journey and not the destination after all. Take time to admire the tulips.

We recently discovered that we will never “graduate” and each year feel the stress, pain, sweat, and tears right alongside of our students who became teacher candidates and are now teachers. With that struggle, we have also felt their joy and success, and eagerly anticipate their time to change the world. No small task, but they are up to the challenge. Go out and be the change you want to see. Believe you can. Believe in yourself.

In closing – this poem by an amazing yet unknown author provides us with the inspiration so appropriate for this blog and this point in life.

Believe in yourself and in your dream though impossible things may seem.
Someday, somehow you will get through to the goal you have in view.
Mountains fall and seas divide before the one who in his/her stride takes a hard road day by day sweeping obstacles away.

Believe in yourself and in your plan.
Say not – I cannot – but I can.
The prizes of life we fail to win because we doubt the power within.

Believe! …and take time to admire the tulips.

Stay Calm & Lead On!

Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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