Leadership Lessons from Geocaching

BLOG Geocaching

Bending. Twisting. Feeling. EWWW—a spider! Searching, searching, and more searching. Forty-five minutes, two dirty hands and two scratched knees later, the treasure was found! Ahh…success! Oh, yes, we did the victory dance. 🙂

Geocaching. It gives us a sense of adventure. It can take us to some amazing and beautiful places. Or, it might just take us to whereabouts right in our own community that we haven’t been to before.

The geocaches can be all shapes, sizes, and can vary in difficulty. Depending on the difficulty of the cache, the location can challenge us mentally and/or physically.

The geocache app or the GPS will tell us where we need to go. Once we get there, we need to search with our eyes and our hands. Sometimes we will need to stop searching, step back and look at the area from different angles. We might even think to ourselves, where would I hide the geocache? Where is NOT the obvious?

And then…that glorious moment when the treasure is discovered. A moment of satisfaction and accomplishment. A moment to do a victory high-five. A moment to document our success. A moment to savor…until the excitement of finding the next cache and the adventure begins again!

Isn’t geocaching just like leadership?

  • Adventurous, taking us to remarkable places and teaching us life lessons that are brand new to us. Or discovering great things happening right in front of our noses.
  • Students and staff come in all shapes and sizes, some of them more difficult to manage than others. Some may challenge us mentally as we try our hardest to find what is best for our people.
  • The leaders’ GPS is knowing the goals we will want to accomplish throughout the year. Knowing where we want to go. We will need to search with our eyes and our ears and our hands and our hearts to find what is best for our districts. We may need to stop, step back and look at goals and problem solving from different angles. Look at situations with a different perspective. We leaders need to think what is NOT the obvious?
  • Those glorious moments when goals are met. When faculty, staff, and students experience success – yes! That moment to celebrate with a high-five – yes! That moment of accomplishment documented as a dynamic year – yes! Everyone— administrators, staff, faculty, students, parents, community—all savor the moment.

And then it begins all over again. In the fall. When school starts. The excitement returns. The new adventures begin. The hidden treasures are eventually found and shared.

Leaders…let’s navigate our upcoming school year, and succeed at finding those hidden riches within our buildings. Don’t let our best kept secrets go quietly into the night – or school year. We may have to experience dirty hands and scraped knees once in a while, maybe even a few spiders along the way. But when all is said and done…we will reap the rewards.

Happy hunting…

BLOG corn field

Hidden treasure…in a corn field. 🙂

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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