Get Yer PIRATE On!

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In early August, the above tweet caught my attention; especially since I was working on my syllabi at the time! That tweet by @Jennifer_Hogan got my creative juices flowing! I got brave and I took her dare!

Today was the first day of ED 344: Social Studies Methods. We begin our semester with the book “Teach Like a PIRATE” by Dave Burgess so, rather than going over the syllabus and the expectations with my class, I created a Pirate Landlubber’s Hunt to kick off our semester.

“Be off, ye scoundrels,” I said.

And off they went…arrr, ran! 🙂

Below is the activity I created for my ED 344 class. Please pardon the bad rhyming… 😉

Pirate Land Lubber’s Hunt – Be off, ye scoundrels!

Ahoy, me mateys…Argh…ye be looking fer treasure aboard the SMSU ship. Ye Buckos must be workin’ together fer that be what make a crew! No hornswagglin (cheatin) allowed!

Ye lads and lasses be needin’:

**Coxswain – the ONE landlubber who be in charge of the crew!

**Hands – the rest of the crew…ye 2-3 sailors.

**TOTT – Tools of the trade. Ye be needin’ yer cell phone with camera & video; a sword and spyglass (created at two of yer stops).

#1: BE ON THE LOOKOUT: (Each make a spyglass before ye take off on the hunt)

In this place you’ll begin your journey

Be on the lookout for strategies galore,

A spyglass is needed for others to see,

That you are a teacher, and so much more!

(Get a selfie {or get someone to take the picture} of all buckos looking through your spyglasses out in the hallway! Make sure to sign your name on your spyglass and bring with you wherever you go!)

BLOG pirate 1


Off to AC, your next destination.

To protect your booty you must carry a weapon.

History proves that defense is a must

Defend social studies and you’ll be considered a legend? (Okay, stretching that a bit)


(Make a sword using the directions and materials provided. Make sure your name is on it! Bring with…will be needed later!!)

#3: WALK THE PLANK: (Head to the pool).

Think social studies and how you can teach it.

The 10 thematic strands you’ll want to thank!

Dive right in and learn those strands well,

Then you’ll never have to dread walking the plank!

(Get picture of Coxswain walking the plank (diving board) with one crew member holding the sword behind the Coxswain and coaxing him off. PLEASE…do not jump in).

BLOG pirate 2


Social studies can get kind of messy

In elementary schools it’s on the back burner

Cleaning up that mindset will be your challenge

Let your admin know it’s important for each learner!

(Find maintenance person and take a picture of ONE of your crew ‘swabbing the deck’ (mopping) with that maintenance person by you!)

BLOG pirate 3


Between FH and SC a few flags fly.

These could be a great topic of study, don’t you think?

So many to choose from…which do you pick?

The SMSU Mustang flag of course—wink, wink. 😉


(Video tape all of you singing the SMSU fight song in front of the SMSU flag outside the bookstore! Don’t know the song??? It’s up to you to figure that one out!).


Did Pirates drink coffee? Well, I’m not sure?

I know that I do and some of you do too.

So many people consume it, I’m not sure why?

Social studies can help us learn what’s all the hullabaloo!


(Get a picture of the coffee special for the day)

SHIVER ME TIMBERS! Before ye weigh anchor and leave that place, ye MUST get a video of ye singing “A hundred cups of coffee on the wall, a hundred cups of coffee. Ye take one down and pass it around, 99 cups of coffee on the wall” to the lads and lasses who serve up the grog each day. Shirley be smitten if ye do! 🙂

BLOG pirate 4


We’re running out of time, head back to the ED office.

Find the person at the helm, her name is Carol.

Tell her “we thank you tons for all you do!”

She will help you order all your ED Department apparel.

(Take a selfie with Carol that includes a sign that reads “Thank you Carol!”)

 BLOG pirate 5


Avast, me mateys…ye be done! Report back to ye classroom for a special treat and sharing of ye picture/video treasures! 🙂

In spite of NOT being a competition, these teacher candidates returned within 30 minutes, glistening with sweat. Chocolate chip cookies were waiting for them so they could recharge their batteries. I got the giggles watching the videos of them singing the school song (which most of them did not know), and serenading the coffee shop workers. The teacher candidates seemed to have a good time. I know I did!

After all was said and done, we chatted about how this activity could be used in their future careers as teachers. They visited about it could be used in their future classrooms. They chatted about how it could be used as an activity at staff meetings. It is an idea these teacher candidates can now add to their teaching toolboxes.

Thanks, Jennifer Hogan for the dare, and thanks Dave Burgess for an outrageously, engaging book.

Get yer pirate on, teacher candidates…I dare you! Stay calm and pirate on!

BLOG pirate 6

BLOG pirate 7


Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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