Just Chill & Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

BLOG Stella by the Xmas Tree
Hold on Tight… to what really counts and let the rest go.

The to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems to multiply like gizmo with water. The holidays can make life go into warp speed from regular daily life demands to work demands to holiday demands… not to mention catching the latest Star Wars (or you insert your liking) movie. Thank goodness for the music of the holidays to remind us that it is just life and simply enjoy it. Aim not to hold on too tightly. I was there for the past few weeks. I wasn’t treading water very well, and it turned my attitude into something ugly.

So what did I learn and do to turn my frown upside down? I decided to remember the important things that count; the rest is just the rest.

Exercise, Chill, Eat Healthy, Hug, Understand instead of Judge – you know, the basics that we have all heard before. Turns out that they are legit.

1. Work out – it is true so don’t roll your eyes at this. Staying well both
physically and mentally is directly linked to exercise.

2.  Chill – if the schedule is packed, then pack it even fuller with “chill” time. Make it happen because if you don’t, it won’t, and then life has passed you by based on a schedule full of things to do and without complete joy. Work will always be there – even without you.

3. As good as the sugar tastes, it just brings us up and drops us down. Enjoy a treat and then keep it healthy for the most part. Our mouths can actually enjoy carrots if we let our mind believe it.

4.  Hug family and friends. They are the people who count and make your life complete.

5.  Put down the gavel. It isn’t your job to judge so stop.

To add a bit more to this…

Everyone has a story. Who are you to deny someone of that? Far too often we pass judgment on others based on our expectations – regardless of how unrealistic they may be. At times, we are critical of leaders, of colleagues, of friends, of foes because what they do and say is not what we think they should do and say. We have advice free of charge on this… get over it. Unless you are being hurt by someone – in which case you should let the individual know in some way (another time, another blog) – try not to be so dearly offended when the story line goes awry or follows a different outline than your expectations. The best stories are sometimes written without a plan or at least without the plan the author thought was in place.

People will love you.
People will hate you.
And none of it will have anything to do with you.
~ Abraham Hicks

So with that, take a walk, nap, sip some special tea of your choice with a friend, and don’t waste so much time worrying about your neighbor.

And the real lesson to learn… when your puppy (no matter the size) goes beyond admiring the Christmas tree to tearing open the gifts, smile – because you are there to appreciate it and know that life is short so enjoy it.

BLOG Stella by the Xmas Tree 2
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all! May you enjoy the season and remember that life is short so get out there and live it.

 Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.



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