Snow Day Flurries: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!


Snow Day…that welcomed day off that teachers and students LOVE to have, and yet…hate to have because they know they will have to make it up sometime during the school year. Usually on a day that was supposed to be a planned day off…not an unexpected day off.

The Midwest was smacked by a blizzard yesterday. This blizzard whacked SE South Dakota with about 18 inches of snow and beat up SW Minnesota with around six inches of snow. The weatherman warned us…sent out the ‘blizzard warning’ alarm the day before the 40 mile an hour winds and snow were to hit. Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Weatherman!

Schools were canceled the evening before in anticipation of the storm. The blizzard arrived with a vengeance, but not until about 11:30 a.m. Guess what happened? Social media blew up with complaints.

Complaints? What complaints you wonder? Read on…

“They called off school too early.”

“They should have at least had school until noon so it could be counted as a day and wouldn’t need to be made up.”

One teacher posted on her Facebook page before the storm hit, “There is NOTHING! I can’t believe no one even tried to get a couple of hours in to count it as a day. Dumb!”

Wow! That’s all that came to my mind as I read the posts until…a post on Facebook from a business. My thoughts after reading the first two sentences of their post was: “NO, not them too.” However, as I read further, I realized this business wasn’t complaining. Nope, they actually posted what I was thinking…

“Dear schools:

You could’ve started classes today at 8:15.

You could’ve called your staff in because the snow wasn’t supposed to hit until mid to late morning.

You could’ve filled the kids with a hot lunch and then sent them home before it got too bad outside.

You could’ve.

But, you didn’t.


You put the safety of our kids, our teachers, our paras, our bus drivers, our school personnel first. Yes indeed, you put others first!

You did this in spite of knowing that people would be complaining and bashing you on social media because they thought you jumped the gun.

Well, we just want you to know that we appreciate the choice you made!

We just want to say thank you for showing us how important all those people who fill your hallways really are to you.”

For some reason yesterday’s blizzard and all the Facebook posts made me think of a book I read years back titled The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin. It is a riveting documentary of the disastrous blizzard of 1888 written in novel format. This book describes an unexpected blizzard that smashed the Midwest by surprise, and sadly took the lives of many children who got caught in the blizzard as they walked home from school. It had been a mild January day, unaware of the sudden blizzard that was to sucker punch the prairie. Kind of like our blizzard yesterday…only we had plenty of warning, thank you very much.

A snow day is always a fun day. I’m sure your Facebook feed is filled with pictures of children and adults playing in the snow the day after the storm. I know mine is. Thanks to all for sharing those fun pictures by the way.

All I ask…please, PLEASE be mindful of the tough decision that has to be made on whether to close school or keep school in session. Also remember…it isn’t about OUR wants! The decision is ALWAYS about what is in the best interest of the students! Always!

Hope you ALL enjoyed the snow day, and hope you ALL stayed safe.


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Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.

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