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Many years ago, probably 40 or so, when my dad was the Public Relations Manager at the Rural Electric Association in town here, he shared one of the REA newsletters with me. Inside that newsletter was a FAMILY TIME section. Written there were Andy Rooney’s I’ve learned… statements. GREAT advice. To my dad in heaven…thank you! 🙂

Well, I have learned a few lessons just this past weekend while hanging out with my four-year old grandson, Warren. You never know what’s going to transpire…

I’ve learned…when using an exercise ball in a small motel exercise room, to NOT let it escape and roll away towards a treadmill that is in use. Grandmas are not quick enough to stop it even if they try because everything seems to transform into S  L  O  W motion when trying to retrieve it!

When that semi-flat ball hits the treadmill, it gets inhaled vigorously like a vacuum sucking up a rug, and then viciously halts the treadmill in the blink of an eye.  I am extremely thankful that the man on the treadmill wasn’t hurt.  Even though I apologized profusely, his angry eyes never stopped burning a hole in my already speeding heart.

After tugging and yanking for about five minutes (no, that man did not help), it came loose at last. Caution sign in exercise rooms could read: “Dangerous exercise balls present, proceed with caution.”

To the man in the exercise room at the Marriott Residence Inn in Plymouth, MN…we are SO SORRY!!!!

I’ve learned…when you step off of an uneven sidewalk, you do NOT let go of your grandson’s hand.

Instead, you clench your fists (with his hand in it) preparing for the fall and take him down with you. And when it’s all over and you are lying on the ground rocking back and forth in pain, you realize all that matters is that the grandson is okay.

And then your heart melts when he asks with sincere concern in his voice…”you okay Grandma??”

Ankles heal…grateful Warren didn’t get hurt!!

I learned a lot this past weekend. Whew!! Grateful for no major catastrophes!!! 🙂 What is something YOU have learned this week???

Check out all of Andy Rooney’s “I’ve learned…” Might want to grab a tissue.  Enjoy…


Blog Warren Flowers

Warren learning about Grandma’s favorite smell… 🙂


Warren learning about ducks… 🙂

Stay Calm & Learn On!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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