Take Time for Yourself Because YOU Matter


Schoolmeester, Risacher, Vierstraete Families at Key Largo on Lake Shetek (Prisma Photo Art App)

My blogging partner and I were inspired by a recent blog post written by @MicheleCushatt. Her blog was titled Rest, and she beautifully pens why she is taking a ‘self-imposed sabbatical.’ I shared this with Dr. V. and we agreed that we both wanted to do this. We needed to do this. And, so…Dr. V. did. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve noticed her absence during the month of July. I’m sure you’ve missed her. I know I have. Her writing will return in August, and then it’s my turn. I will be taking a little time for myself.

Taking time for ourselves is so important to our overall health. When I did a little researching on how to combat stress, the number one strategy that was mentioned over and over and over again in the books and in the articles was to take time for yourself.

HOW you take time for yourself is totally up to you. One size does not fit all. Some of the ideas mentioned in all those articles and books were…

Plan a ‘fun-day,’ get a massage, take a trip to the forest or mountains or lake, get a manicure or a pedicure or both, nap in a hammock, read a book, write a blog (check, got that one covered), get a facial, go to a coffee shop, enjoy a cup of tea or java (check, got that one covered), buy an outfit, color, draw, paint, find a hobby, share a meal with family or friends (check, got that one covered too. See the picture above), cook, listen to music, reward yourself somehow like buying yourself some flowers, play with Legos® or play a board game, or create a board game. Just play. Just enjoy.

Do any of these ideas resonate with you? Are there activities that you LOVE to do? Make a list of those activities that you have a passion for. Notice it said “DO.” Verbs please. A few examples for me might be: I LOVE to play with my grandkids. I LOVE to walk with friends. I LOVE to sit by a campfire and roast marshmallows. I LOVE to read Newbery books. I LOVE to rest on the porch swing.

Pencil these activities into your calendar, into your life.  They are mandatory. They will refresh you. They will help you think more clearly. Taking time for yourself will help you rest.

A selfless plug…my colleague, Dr. Mary, and I will be presenting at the 2016 MN Rural Education Association Conference in November at Cragun’s Resort. If you are one who will be there, we invite you to stop by our session on Monday, November 14th from 1:30 – 2:45 to discover more ideas on how to combat against stress.  We plan to have some fun, right Dr. Risacher? 🙂

Blog Take Time for You.jpg

I will miss all of you while I’m taking my self-imposed mini-sabbatical. In the meantime, take time for yourself because YOU matter. 🙂

Blog Mark

(Photo Credit Principal Mark French. Check out his blog here…Tale of two vacations by Elementary Principal Mark French)

Stay Calm & Take Time for YOU!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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