Time to Get Off the Struggle Bus



People enjoy talking about the joyful happenings in their lives. The successes their kids have experienced, the vacations they have gone on, the new jobs they have accepted. No one likes to talk about the struggles they are experiencing. Well, let’s chat about that.

I’ve been riding the struggle bus a lot lately. I’ve been struggling with my weight, struggling with my attitude, struggling with my emotions, struggling with my self-discipline, struggling with my energy. Struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally. Can I get a show of hands from those who are riding the same bus with me? Now a show of hands from all of you who agree with the next sentence…

HELP…we want off. Seriously…please drop us off at the next bus stop.

Rest assured, friends, help is available. We just have to choose it.

I love how messages come at just the right time. Coincidental? I don’t think so. Divine intervention? That would be my thought.

The teacher candidates in my Social Studies Methods class were doing their presentation the other day on the Transformation chapter from Teach Like a PIRATE written and published by Dave Burgess. Their main message was how to transform our teaching, our lessons. To go from simple to spectacular. To be a purple cow not a brown cow (read the book, you’ll get it). Well…I heard it as how to transform me…transform my life. Transform my struggles.

This group supplemented their presentation with a YouTube clip called 212The Extra Degree. A very powerful message. Couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me. Prayerfully, for you too.

Think about it. At 211 degrees water is extremely hot. Just ONE degree higher and it starts to boil. Just one teeny tiny drastic change. One extra degree makes all the difference. From hot to unlimited possibilities. Amazing.

So now apply that thought to teaching. More importantly, apply it to life. “One extra degree of effort in teaching or in life separates the good from the great.”

I tell my teacher candidates a similar message. “At SMSU, we train you to be good teachers. It’s up to YOU to become great teachers.” This applies to our lives as well. It’s OUR life. WE are responsible for our results. It’s up to us to make our lives great, and I want to be great. If we choose to make just one teeny tiny change, our lives could have unlimited possibilities. It’s time we turn up the heat, folks. Turn up the heat to help get us off the struggle bus! Let’s make this choice together.


Another message I received at just the right time was the Very.Next.Day. Just by chance? Not in my humble opinion.

I went to discuss some blood work and nutrition results with one of my doctors. While we were discussing what I needed to do to get on the road to better health, the doctor said to me three different times, “who is responsible for your healing?” Three times. And he said it with that ‘teacher look.’

Convicted. That would be me. I am responsible. I have to make the changes. I have to make the choice. I have to turn up the heat.

It’s time. Time to take charge. Time to choose life. Time to turn up the heat. Time to request a stop, to pull the bell, so we can depart this front row seat on the struggle bus.

Let’s do it. Let’s make that teeny tiny change. Let’s persevere, be extraordinary, and be self-disciplined together.

Thank you Joni, Mackenzie, and Kaylea, the group of teacher candidates who shared the 212The Extra Degree video during their transformation presentation. You may have transformed my life. I’m grateful, truly grateful. 🙂


Stay Calm & Turn Up The Heat!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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