Life is Like a Piñata: Jam-Packed Full of Surprises


“People are like piñatas, chock-full of unexpected goodies.” ~Patsy Clairmont

December is jam-packed full of birthdays. All three of my grandkids have their birthdays this month. My friend, colleague, and blogging partner has her birthday coming up this week on the 22nd (oh please send her a happy birthday shout out on Twitter @drvteacher 🙂 ). And, of course, the most famous birthday this month is on December 25th. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Back to birthdays. One exciting activity at my grandson’s birthday parties the past few years has been the breaking of the piñatas. What little one doesn’t love to swing a bat as hard as they can at the hanging object that is stuffed full of unknown goodies?

The kiddos all took turns. I know my granddaughter was giving it her all to bust that bumble bee wide open. This always makes me a tad bit nervous though. As the kids were swinging, I was praying silently that those future little baseball players hang on to that bat after smacking the piñata. 😮

When the piñata was finally broken and all the goodies fell to the ground, those little ones dashed to the treasure lying on the carpet, then dropped to their knees to gather up as many of those yummy treats as they possibly could hold in their young arms. “Oohs” and “aahhs” escaped from their tiny lips when they discovered more than just candy. SURPRISE…toys galore. Unexpected glow rings and puzzle shapes that challenged even the Grandpas.  Many happy kiddos at the end of that birthday party.

A few nights ago my hubby and I had the fun of attending an early birthday party for Dr. V. A party planned by her hubby that she swears she had no idea about. SURPRISE…just like a piñata, the room was jam-packed full of family and friends waiting to celebrate with her. Lordy, Lordy, Someone is 40. 😀 And, YES, 40 looks fabulous on you!


This surprise birthday evening was jam-packed full of fun and laughter and stories and music and food and overall awesomeness. Chock-full of blessings. Just as life should be. Happy birthday, dear piñata friend. You are jam-packed full of beauty and kindness and humor and love. 🙂 Thanks for being a blessing in my life.

As we approach Christmas, the best birthday party of all, I challenge all of us to be a piñata in someone’s life this holiday season. Christmas can be very difficult for some. Not everyone will be joyful during this joyful holiday. Be jam-packed full of surprises for others.


Maybe some have recently lost a loved one and will be spending Christmas without that person for the first time. Surprise them with a card, a phone call, or a face-to-face visit. Watch a movie or share some hot chocolate together.

Maybe some are in hospitals fighting for their health. Surprise them with a Christmas stocking jam-packed full of goodies such as books, shampoos, CD’s, journals. Possibly put one together for a child, a teenager, an adult, and a senior citizen.

Maybe some feel alone. It’s possible that the waiters/waitresses who just served their customers food have no family nearby. Surprise them by leaving an extra-large tip with a note of appreciation.

Maybe some are down on their luck and are struggling financially. Buy a gift card to a grocery store that also has a gas station. Surprise them by hand-delivering the gift card, complete with a hug, and let the person know that a thank you is not necessary. The only expectation would be to pay it forward someday when they can afford it.

Yes, indeed. Life and people are certainly like piñatas, chock-full of unexpected goodies. Be a piñata for others today and EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  And…happy birthday to you…whenever your birthday is. SURPRISE… 🙂

Stay Calm & Be Someone’s Piñata!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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