What’s Up for 2017? My 7-Up Goals and a 7-Up Candy Bar


Happy New Year, everyone. Hope it’s off to a grand beginning. Did you read our last blog post? Dr. V. wrote about how life can be like a box of chocolates. Oh my gosh…her blog post awakened a pleasant childhood memory of mine…

The 7-Up Candy Bar…Mmmm.

Any of you old enough to remember this delightful treat? It was a “box of chocolates” wrapped up in one scrumptious candy bar. And, my favorite piece was…drum roll…the orange jelly-filled piece. Just thinking about it makes my mouth drool. Yes, I am one of those who likes the jelly filling, Dr. V. 🙂

BUT…even if I could taste one right this instant, I would pass. The New Year has begun and my goals have been set. (Trust me…as soon as I can, I’m ordering one of those 7-Up Bars from Amazon and will savor every.single.bite).

Dave Burgess wrote an inspiring blog about New Year’s resolutions and one word goals. He noted that neither are effective for him.  His goal is to simply do his best. That is a GREAT goal, Captain! Please check out his blog by clicking here: http://daveburgess.com/play-your-drum-in-2017/

Elementary principal Todd Nesloney wrote a New Year’s blog sharing with us what his one word is for 2017…HOPE. Beautiful post, @techninjatodd.Click here to read about his hope for growth, change, and compassion http://www.toddnesloney.com/class-blog.

For me, setting goals for the New Year is a good thing. Beginning January 1st, my husband and I started a 30 day challenge…the Whole30 Challenge which is outlined in the book It Starts with Food written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. According to the authors, this 30-day challenge is NOT hard. Really??? Giving up sugar, legumes and grains, alcohol, seed oils, and dairy might be a little bit hard. Check out my #booksnap below…talk about conviction… 😮



Including the Whole30 challenge, my “7-Up” goals are listed below. I will strive to do my best this year to:

  • Lift Up prayers and pray about everything (Lord, please heal that 3-year old girl who recently had a stroke 😦 ).
  • Give Up bad habits and persevere through challenges (I CAN do this 30-day challenge…it is NOT hard. Lord, help me with this. See goal 1).
  • Stand Up for others and serve them (It’s not about me, it’s about the students, and everyone else!).
  • Wake Up each day with a positive mindset (Yes, I am lovable, secure, beautiful, worthy, able, a child of God…).
  • Jazz Up my teaching and turn on the passion every day (Preheat the grill and make my lessons sizzle! HOOKS galore!).
  • Listen Up and be obedient (Next time, Lord, I’ll give that custodial person at the mall a BIG tip…sorry).
  • Change Up my attitude and stay non-judgmental (PLEASE be quiet while this grandson of mine is sleeping! Oh wait…that was ME making the noise).

How about you? What are your goals, aspirations, resolutions, one-words, and desired outcomes for 2017? Heads up, 7-up, readers. What goals do YOU pick? Whatever they are, we wish you ALL the best in ALL you do in 2017 (and beyond)!!!

Stay Calm & Eat a 7-Up Candy Bar!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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