A Spring Break Letter to Our Teacher Candidates

Blog sunrise 3

Dear SMSU Junior Methods Teacher Candidates:

This week you are in the classrooms with your mentor teachers completing your Pre-Student Teaching Experiences (PSTE) along with your edTPA expectations.

We know that it is also spring break this week. Your hearts WANT to be at a beach somewhere sipping an umbrella drink, but your minds know that you GET to be shaping the minds and the lives of little ones in the classroom.

While one best friend may be enjoying the sunrise in Jamaica…

Blog sunrise jamaica 1

And another good friend relishing the sunrise in Hawaii…

Blog sunrise Hawaii 1

Or yet another friend appreciating the sunrise in the Bahamas…

Blog Sunrise Bahamas

You, teacher candidates, get to admire the sunrise right here at home because no matter where you are, ALL sunrises are stunning. Even those right here in Minnesota. So let’s look on the bright side…

Just as each sunrise is mysterious, different, unique, intriguing, beautiful…so are all of those kiddos that you get to inspire this week during spring break. Shine on. Be a light in their days. Be their sunshine in that elementary classroom where you are passionately practicing what you have worked so hard at becoming…the best elementary teacher you can possibly be.

When the week is done, be proud of what you have accomplished. And please know the positive influence you have had on all those children you taught. Then sit back, relax, sip a soda, and enjoy the sunset right here at home. We heart you! 😉

Blog sunrise 1

Photo credit…SMSU Today

Stay Calm & Shine On!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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