Dare to Soar, Teacher Candidates

Blog Graduation 17

An eagle sighting is a rare occurrence around here, but when it happens, people tend to get a little excited. Did you know the wingspan of an adult bald eagle can range from five to seven feet?  That is incredible.

You know what else is incredible? You have graduated from SMSU, teacher candidates!!! 🙂 At graduation time we like to tell our SMSU students that it is time to ‘spread your wings and fly.’

You were like eagles during your teacher preparation program, teacher candidates. Now, as you spread your wings and fly towards your first teaching position, continue to be eagle leaders. Continue to be:

Tenacious:  Like an eagle soars against the storm, you saw past the intensity of the expectations of the program. You were persistent and stayed the course.

Confident: Like an eagle stays to itself, you knew to stay true to yourself to do your ultimate best no matter what others were saying or doing. You assured yourself that you COULD accomplish your goals…and you did.

Vision: Like an eagle that can spot its target miles away, you kept your eyes on the prize. You kept your education degree in sight with your vision on your future classroom.

Courageous: Like an eagle stands up to risk, you faced all the requirements with bravery. Although some assignments seemed to be daunting (edTPA), you attacked them with boldness.

Vitality: Like an eagle never gives up on life, you never lost your passion while you were completing all necessary class projects. You kept your sparkle.

Nurturer: Like an eagle trains its young, you will be teaching students who will be under your care and depend on you. Remember…students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Congratulations, 2017 graduates. Go out and change the world…one student and one classroom at a time. Dare to soar, teacher candidates. Spread your wings and fly!

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Stay Calm & Soar On!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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