Permission to Let My Tears Flow

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Photo credit: Rise Ministries

Dear Bart Millard:

I need to express my gratitude to you and your contemporary Christian band, MercyMe, for giving me permission to release my pent-up tears of 28 years, and to let them pour down my cheeks during #RiseFest17.

For almost 30 years, I have not said much about my daughter being diabetic…she was diagnosed at the young age of 4. I have not wanted people to think or say I was being dramatic or feeling sorry for myself. I also know that some of God’s children have it much worse—cancer, ALS, MS, the loss of a child, the loss of a spouse, accidents that cause paralysis, and the list could go on and on—thus, I have always believed that the proper thing to do is to remain silent so other people would not think I was whining.

Your message at the concert changed that for me, Mr. Millard! You shared your story of when your son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the innocent age of 2. From that life crisis you wrote the song Jesus Bring the Rain.  Hearing this story at RiseFest last Friday night had me shedding a few tears knowing you understood my journey as a parent of a diabetic. Knowing we share a bond.

A little later in the evening you shared the reason why you wrote your new song Even If, which is also because of your son’s diabetic life sentence. This story released the flood gates of my tears. I have tried to keep it together for almost 30 years, and on Friday night, you gave me permission to just let it go, to let the tears flow. And flow they did!

To your son…you CAN change the world as a diabetic. Believe it, buddy! My daughter has been handling her diabetes for almost 30 years, and she IS changing the world in spite of being diabetic. Please read some of her story below, and maybe you will find some encouragement in her journey. In addition, if you ever want to visit with her, I know she would be happy to listen. You can find her on Twitter @coachjuhl.  Go out and be awesome, Sam. 🙂

THANK YOU, MercyMe for a great concert!  Thank you, Bart, for sharing your life stories through music. I love ALL of your songs, but the two mentioned above now have new meaning for me. From here on out when I hear them I may be shedding a few tears…but it’s okay because I know I have permission to let those tears flow freely.


What’s a little rain? 😉

P.S. I am beyond excited for your movie I Can Only Imagine to hit the theaters around Easter 2018. Keep up the good work! 🙂 Hugs…

Stay Calm & Cure Diabetes!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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