Know When to Engage, Mavericks

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One of our favorite movies is Top Gun starring Tom Cruise (Maverick) and Anthony Edwards (Goose).

In the movie, Commander Viper reprimands Maverick and Goose for breaking one of the Top Gun Rules of Engagement. Viper sternly reminds them that:  “…Rules of engagement exist for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible…obey them.”

We offer the same advice to our teacher candidates when it comes to the battlefield of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. If the ‘conversation’ on either one of those turns sour, DO NOT ENGAGE.

Sometimes schools can become the target of negative comments on Twitter or especially Facebook. A few outsiders can become ‘vocal’ and shoot written bullets through these social media platforms if they do not agree with decisions being made.

If this should happen to you or your school, we strongly recommend you stay out of the conversation. Do not engage. If personal expectations are not met, people tend to get upset and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. Even positive comments back to them may not help (speaking from past experiences of our own…we Mavericks should not have engaged). 😮

An elementary principal once shared this wise advice… “anytime a written message is sent out to 25 (250) parents, that message can be interpreted 25 (250) different ways. Choose your words wisely.” Wisdom right there!

Now that a brand new school year is in session, always seek out the positives, and stay far, far away from the negatives. Always do what is best for your kids. And, please….be smart on your social media platforms. “…Rules of engagement exist for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible…obey them.” Know when to engage, Mavericks!

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Stay Calm & Obey the Rules of Engagement!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V. 


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