I Can Only Imagine What it Will Be Like

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I cannot imagine what he went through while growing up with his father after his mom left them both behind.

Physical abuse. Verbal abuse. Emotional abuse. Psychological abuse.

Breaks my heart. I just cannot imagine. What causes a dad to do this to his own child?

My husband and I went to see the movie I Can Only Imagine a few days ago. It is a moving story about Bart Millard’s life growing up. Who is Bart? He is the lead singer of the Christian band MercyMe.

Bart penned the well-known song I Can Only Imagine which has gone platinum twice. Bart witnessed God’s miracle when his dad was transformed. Bart’s message is this: “If God can change my dad who was a monster, God can change anyone.” Grace and forgiveness win every time.

At his dad’s funeral, Bart’s grandma made the comment “I can only imagine what your dad is seeing right now.” From that humble statement, the song I Can Only Imagine was born. It took 10 minutes for Bart to write the words to this touching song that has netted over 2 million digital downloads and has probably been played at many, many, many funerals over the years.

My hubby and I highly recommend the movie. Warning…take Kleenex. The jam-packed theater (grateful we got to sit together) was sniffling simultaneously. I wanted to offer a Kleenex to the stranger sitting next to me but I used my last one. 😮

On a fun note…the gal who played Bart’s girlfriend, Shannon (actress Madeline Carroll), looks a lot like one of my current SMSU students. When I sent Calisha an email to let her know this, she thanked me and said several people have told her that. Fun! 🙂

We give this movie a five-star rating. Go! Bring your tissue. Be touched. We believe you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Stay Calm & Imagine!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

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