Love Your Students Every Single Day


“This beautiful 50 foot pine tree…I lay back and look up through the branches of this tree that I call home. I look at my mom and my sister and am amazed at how peaceful they can sleep here. Me? I have to protect them no matter what.” ~Vin Shambry

After listening to Vin Shambry tell his story of living part of his childhood homeless, now every time I look at pine trees, it is from a brand new perspective.

When I see towering evergreens while on a drive, on a walk, or visiting a friend, I pause and wonder…

How tall is that evergreen?

Is the ground under it smooth enough to sleep on?

Are the branches low enough to the ground to be hidden and feel safe?

Would a family be able to fit under there?

This NPR podcast called The Moth Radio Hour reminded me of what Brian Mendler, author, speaker, creator of #30secpd, and classroom management expert, repeatedly says in his workshops and on Twitter. Not all students are excited for vacations. They live in chaos and dysfunction. School is their safety zone.

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Educators, as we look forward to summer vacation, let us not forget that some of our students will be in survival mode during their time off.  Be empathetic and verbalize how much you care about them. Are you willing to be available for your students even during your restful days of summer? If yes, please let them know. Love your students! Not just during the school year but…Every.Single.Day.

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(Click here to listen to Vin Shambry tell his story called Outdoor Camp…

Stay Calm & Enjoy Summer!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

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