Pick A (Health) Lane and Stay In It

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“Pick a lane and stay in it!” Those were my husband’s words to me last night right before heading to bed. No, I wasn’t driving. But I was swerving all over the place with my thoughts (I’m the spaghetti brain, he is the waffle brain. Read the book to find out what I mean 🙂 ).

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Last year I started Weight Watchers® just to lose a few pounds so I could get back into my clothes that were too tight. I had great success with it. Yay me!! #humblebrag

Recently, I read the inspirational book written by Dr. Dale Bredesen called The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline. It is a dynamic book that I highly recommend you all read. Because my dad had Alzheimer’s and my mom had Dementia, I have a 50% greater chance of having the Alzheimer’s marker. This book gives me humongous hope.

In the book, Dr. Bredesen teaches us his protocol to help prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s. It’s all about nutrition, friends!! He strongly recommends to follow the KETO/FLEX 12/3 wellness plan. KETO is the Keto diet which is all-a-craze right now…high fat and low carbs. The FLEX is Flexitarian…similar to vegetarian with more flexibility to eat meat, mostly fish and poultry. The 12 is intermittent fasting for 12 hours at least, but he suggests trying for up to 16 hours between your last meal in the evening to your first meal the next day. Lastly, the 3 means nothing to eat three hours prior to going to bed.

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I share all of that because I’ve been trying to maintain my weight with Weight Watchers while at the same time trying to incorporate the Keto/Flex wellness plan. I use the Weight Watchers app to keep track of the freestyle points, plus I have also been using My Fitness Pal app to keep track of carbs…uffdah.

Last night when I said “SHOOT” out loud, my husband asked what was up. When I explained to him that a food was okay on Weight Watchers but not so good for the Keto plan, that is when he smiled at me and passionately said (with added gestures, mind you), “Pick a lane and stay in it!”

Okay. Yes, dear. Great advice and compliance, dear hubby. I’ll be sticking with Weight Watchers for now. (I like fruit too much and fruit has high carbs). So a BIG thank you to my man for giving me the nudge to pick my lane. (But, please read Dr. Bredesen’s book! It’s really, really good!!!).

On a side note…Happy October. It’s my favorite color. It’s also a time to think about the upcoming holidays and all those delicious meals that can sabotage our well-being if we aren’t careful.  Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face, has created the #Last90Days challenge that just started today. Rachel is using these last three months of the year to get healthier.

Yup…I’m joining in on the fun with that one too. It allows me to stay in my Weight Watchers lane without swerving and causing an accident. Even if all I do is obey Rachel’s “5 to Thrive” list, I’ll be good to go. I’ve put Rachel’s 5 to Thrive list as my phone wallpaper so I am reminded of them daily! Check it out for yourself and join the #Last90Days challenge with me (click on that link).

Blog Get Healthy Rachel

Never hurts to want to be a healthier me (or you). I’ll soon celebrate my birthday which will also be my last year of my 50’s. 😮 I want to be a spunky 85 year old woman, so a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. 🙂 We girls need to look out for each other, right? Let’s try our hardest to stay healthy, friends. Blessings to you always…

Stay Calm & Let’s Get Healthy Together!
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.

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