When Storms Rage On In Life or In Classrooms…Regain Your Control

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Flash flood – “a sudden local flood; raging torrents after heavy rains that rip through river beds and streets.” Or in our case here in the Midwest, “raging torrents happening due to heavy rain during winter months when the ground is still frozen and the sewage drains are blocked by 5 feet of plowed snow.” There is nowhere for the water to go…besides over roads, in fields, and in basements, schools, and hospitals. 😥

With the temps dropping below freezing, now we get to add to the flash flooding the new term used by meteorologist, Brian Karstens, a “Flash Blizzard” is pummeling the area!

Flash blizzard – “a sudden local blizzard ripping through our communities.” The wind is howling, the snow is horizontal, and nature’s fury is screaming at us.

Sometimes teaching can feel like a flash blizzard. One moment all is good, and the next moment a storm rips through our classrooms. Yikes! Raise your hand if you can relate! 🙋

I remember Andrea…a 3rd grade girl who went from happy to ANGRY in .02 seconds. Oh my goodness. No gradual decent with that kid. It took us all off guard and shook us to the core. When her ‘flash blizzard’ would hit, the teachers had a code blue plan in place for her. We needed to keep her safe and we needed to keep the other students safe. We had a special room for her to go so she could calm down. A place where she could listen to soothing music and fill her lungs with oxygen.

If and when Andrea was ready to visit, she would sometimes share what was causing her to be so upset. Usually, within 30 minutes or so, she was ready to return to her classroom.

Anger is not bad or good. Anger is an emotion we all experience and those teachable moments will arise for us to teach our students HOW to deal with their anger. Hurting others or self is not okay. The best way to get started on anger prevention in your classroom is to visit with your school social worker and ask her/him for ideas. Prevention is always best.

I can guarantee you will experience “flash blizzards” once in a while in the classroom. Thank goodness these storms are rare. When they do rip through our classrooms, let’s have a plan in place. Also, keep in mind what Brian Mendler says about storms like this, “the behavior isn’t the problem, it’s the solution to the problem.”

Always remember…it’s okay to have a good cry when classroom storms hit. I know I certainly did! Just don’t wallow in those tears.  Regain your control and ask others for support when you need it.

When life rages on, the song below helps me find peace in the middle of my storms.


Prayers for all who are experiencing the challenges of this storm right now…the flash flooding and flash blizzard. I pray for everyone’s safety! 🙏

Blog storm kelo

Stay Calm & Survive the Storms!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

2 thoughts on “When Storms Rage On In Life or In Classrooms…Regain Your Control

  1. Great blog! I remember when I was a young teacher working in a summer Upward Bound Program I thoroughly lost my temper at a jr. high girl. Later, the Director said to me, “Remember, you ARE the adult in the room.” Good advice to a then hot-headed, immature teacher. Take care.


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