Taking Action to Meet the Needs of Children

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In the classroom, whose responsibility is it to take care of the children? The teacher’s, that’s who!!! Those who see children’s needs and respond to those needs are considered my heroes. My heroes…classroom teachers!

Teachers see the needs of students, research for the best ways to help those students, and then respond to those needs by taking action. This action teachers take is called action research. Our SMSU teacher candidates…our heroes…carry out an action research study during their Junior Methods year at SMSU.

The culminating event for the hard work these future teachers have put into their Action Research study throughout the year is presenting their findings at the Undergraduate Action Research Conference held in the spring.

The teacher candidates have a practice day the day before the conference. This practice day brings back fond memories of when I taught elementary students. Back then, we would have music program practices, and I would always fear the program would be a disaster because of how the practice went. Then the night of the program, my little cherubs would rock it.

Same story with my college students. Practice always seems to be a disaster, and then…their conference and presentations are PHENOMENAL.

And they were, teacher candidates!!! Your presentations were PHENOMENAL!!  You ROCKED it!

From your freshman year in Intro to ED to now in your Action Research class…you’ve grown exponentially both personally and professionally, and we applaud you!!

Be THAT teacher who sees the needs of your students and responds to those needs by finding ways to help your students succeed! Take action and be their heroes.

Thank you to the moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, sisters, brothers, and friends who showed up to offer support. Thank you to our tech guy who was there all morning for our every yelp for help. Thank you to the EMSP Club for the delicious yogurt bar breakfast. Thank you to the evaluators for giving constructive feedback. Thank you to Dean Easton-Brooks from the University of South Dakota for keynoting the conference, and thank you to Dr. Rhonda for being our Plan D. 🙂

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Stay Calm & Respond with Action!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

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