You Are Welcome Here

Blog welcome here case

Pencils sharpened in their case.

Bells are ringing, let’s make haste.

School’s beginning, dreams to chase.

All are welcome here.

To SMSU’s novice and veteran teacher candidates…we welcome you to campus.

Your pencils are sharpened and they accompany your textbooks and computers and everything else in your case (or better known around here as your backpack).

Bells may not be ringing in the university hallways but they are ringing on your phone alarms because you are now in charge of getting yourself up in the morning and to class on time.  So, wake up, drink some coffee (or a diet dew and/or diet coke or better yet, water), and hustle to class. Don’t forget to grab a Pop Tart® on your way out of your dorm or apartment. 😉

School officially begins today. Show up for class, be on time, use your planner, work hard at your studies, give your all, reflect then change if needed, stay ahead of the game, and chase your dream of becoming an outstanding teacher. More importantly, please know… all are welcome here!

Blog welcome here diverse

We’re part of a community.

Our strength is our diversity.

A shelter from adversity.

All are welcome here.

Welcome to the School of Education’s Community of Learners where we are a community of professors and teacher candidates immersed in excellence together through active learning, researching, teaching, reflecting, and leading.

Blog School of Ed

There is strength in SMSU’s diverseness. All professors have their own style of instructing just as all of you have your own style of learning. We all have our differences, and yet we are all on the same team. #teameducator

Yes, together everyone achieves more.

It will be the same across campus. EVERY professor will instruct differently. Respect this diverseness. Never hesitate to ask questions if you are struggling. All professors are here to help you through difficulties and hardships. Trust us when we say…we have all struggled. It’s human nature. So, PLEASE, ask for help if needed because all are welcome here!

You have a place here.

You have a space here.

You are welcome here.

Welcome everyone. You are welcome here at SMSU!! Have a marvelous 2019 – 2020 school year. 🙂

Blog Welcome Gold Rush

Stay Calm & Welcome!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

(We highly recommend you read the charming children’s book titled All are Welcome written by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman, 2018).

blog welcome here


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