Talk like a Pirate Day

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Ahoy thar, mateys. Happy National Talk like a Pirate Day. Shiver me timbers…me educator hearties be enjoyin’ this holiday.

You might be wondering why in the world anyone would want to be using pirate lingo. Especially educators! Well, to tweak a few words found on the first pages of the children’s book How I Became a Pirate written by Melinda Long and David Shannon…

“I know about pirates, because one day, when I was minding my own business and cruising through social media, Twitter friend, Matey Mel, sailed into my life.” 😊

This Twitter friend turned out to be a neighbor who lived only a few blocks from me. We met for coffee, she introduced me to the book Teach like a PIRATE written by Dave Burgess, and on that day, I became an EDU pirate. 🏴‍☠️

Why educators are talking like pirates is because of Dave’s teaching/leading/insert your profession pirate message. In the introduction of his book, Captain Burgess tells us WHY we want to be EDU Pirate Rock Stars:

So why a pirate? After all, we don’t want teachers who attack and rob ships at sea. Teaching like a pirate has nothing to do with the dictionary definition and everything to do with the spirit. Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to set forth into uncharted territories with no guarantee of success. They reject the status quo, and refuse to conform to any society that stifles creativity and independence. They are entrepreneurs who take risks and are willing to travel to the ends of the earth for that which they value. Although fiercely independent, they travel with and embrace a diverse crew. If you’re willing to live by the code, commit to the voyage, and pull your share of the load, then you’re free to set sail. Pirates don’t much care about public perception; they proudly fly their flags in defiance (Loc. 95, Kindle).

Since my visit years ago with that friend and educator, Matey Mel, I have had the pleasure of seeing Dave present 5 times at different locations.  I can honestly say each time I gained new knowledge and new ideas. Most importantly, each time I came away with a renewed spirit. And that, folks, is why we educator pirates are enjoying Talk Like a Pirate Day today.

Blog Talk Like a Pirate Day w Dave

Shiver me timbers, Mateys, dig up yer treasure by sailin’ over to Amazon and git yer copy of Teach like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life. Aye, yer lads and lasses will be thankin’ ya.

Stay Calm, Mateys and Be Teachin’ Like a PIRATE!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.


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