Why I Begin the Holiday Lites Challenge


Look at all these books I own about taking care of my health? Would you say I’m a little bit obsessed? 😉 Goodness gracious. Hard covered books. Books on Kindle. Most of them read cover to cover. Some…not so much.

Turning 60 this fall and reading this blog by Dave Burgess on being committed has given me a swift kick in the pants to begin again. To begin taking care of myself the best I can. To commit to a wellness plan Every! Single! Day!

Begin again…just let that sink in a little. Ahhh…big deep breath. Shoulders relax. Begin again…those two calming words wash over me like a warm, soothing shower. I’m so grateful every day is a new day to begin again.

Beginning this week, I have chosen to start swimming and walking more. Beginning this week, I have chosen to eat less sugar. Beginning this week, I have chosen to commit to a Holiday Lites Challenge. What is a Holiday Lites Challenge? I got the idea from my husband.

At his work place (he is a Software Engineer), they offer this challenge between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The goal of the challenge is to maintain your current weight through these three festive, food and drink filled holidays.


Him and most of his colleagues maintain. Some even lose weight. All who volunteer to participate, weigh themselves at the beginning and then again at the end. They even have prizes for those who end up with the most positive results. Fun!

My personal Holiday Lites Challenge has begun, and my goal is to maintain through this over-indulgence, high calorie season. I weighed myself on Sunday, have been exercising more each day thanks to Dave’s encouraging blog (it’s linked above 👆🏼), and I am very intentional about eating nutritious foods.  I want to be healthy through my 60’s and beyond!

Want to join me? Let’s do this thing together because we do better when we have an accountability partner. 💪💪 Maybe tweet out how it’s going for you using the hashtag #holidayliteschallenge

I’ll check in on you January 2nd.  👍 Good luck. 🙌 (If any of you want to borrow one of my books, please stop by).

Blog HolidayLites

Stay Calm and Join the Challenge!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.


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