5 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Our Holiday Cheer

It is simply a wonderful Christmas time, and the holidays are here. We dream of a white Christmas and sing shouts of joy to the world.  We long to get home for the holidays. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, for most of us anyway.

While Christmas is supposed to be joyful, joyful, there are some who are filled with sadness. An unexpected cancer diagnosis, a grandma dying, dysfunction in the family, an empty pantry, sad memories of past losses, unbelief, and loneliness are just a few real struggles recently shared with me by others. Sorrowful times that find some of us deeply desiring a silent night.

Or better yet…two or three or four of them, please.

If, for some reason, you have misplaced your holiday cheer this season, below are a few suggestions to give you a little inspiration to find it again:

  • SEEK – Debbie Macomber says, “One word can make all the difference.” One of her words is seek.  Let’s seek out those who lift us up and hang out with them during the holidays. One sure way to combat depression is to seek out others who bring us joy then surround ourselves with those folks. Or, turn that around and seek out others who may need you. Either way, Rebekah Lyons says it best, “Meaningful connections with others help us overcome grief, depression, and sorrow.”
  • GIVE – Max Lucado says, “Happiness happens when you give it away.” Let’s give to others as often as we can. It doesn’t have to cost us a dime, which is huge during this season of heavy spending. We can give away a smile, a hug, a phone call, a note in the mail (thank you, Kelsey 🙌), an unexpected text message, holiday treats, a visit to the elderly, a book you have finished, a cup of coffee, a bouquet of flowers, and/or the best gift ever…we can generously give our time.
  • SING – Buddy the Elf says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Let’s sing all these Christmas tunes at the top of our lungs in the shower, in the car, at church each Sunday and on Christmas Eve, for our children or grandchildren (they love us unconditionally and don’t care if we can’t carry a tune ). 😉
  • DANCE – Byron Pulsifer encourages us to dance. He says, “Even if you are not that good, dancing frees the body to float along with the music, and cast off stress.” Silly as this may sound, one thing I do to delete stress is I crank up the song Beer Barrel Polka on Alexa, close my eyes, start to dance, and imagine myself dancing the polka with my dad. This little private activity always puts a smile in my heart and on my lips. 💃❤
  • SIT – Maya Angelou, in all her wisdom, tells us, “I think when we don’t know what to do it’s wise to do nothing. Sit down quietly; quiet our hearts and minds and breathe deeply.” My favorite time of day is early morning before the sun wakes up. I grab my cup of coffee with whipped cream and Stevia English Toffee drops then head to “my chair.” This morning routine is sacred to me. It is my quiet time; my devotions time. When the sun yawns and stretches out its rays, I sit in silence, breathe deeply, and admire God’s glorious show. 🌞

So, if Christmas makes us cry sometimes, and we can’t stop thinking of those who have passed away, or been diagnosed with a disease, or soldiers across the ocean, or our chaotic homes, or our feelings of sadness and/or loneliness…

…maybe, just maybe seeking out positive people to be with, giving an unexpected gift such as a note in the mail, singing along, at the top of our lungs, with all the Christmas carols mentioned in this blog, dancing like no one is watching and even if they are, who cares, or sitting quietly will rejuvenate our holiday cheer.

All I want for Christmas is YOU and me to be filled with joy. 🎄❤

“Embrace every moment, every second my friend. I can’t believe it’s Christmastime again.” ~MercyMe

Stay Calm and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.






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