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Virtual teaching SOS! What to do? Educators, are you wondering what to do in these unprecedented times? We are too so we want to share some ideas with you as you charter these educational waters virtually. Tossing some lifesavers your way to help you and your learners navigate. We asked our teacher educator colleagues to contribute some resources to share out with you. Stay tuned for these fabulous ideas that will be posted later this week! For now, here are a few ideas and our own stories of this experience to share with you.

Legos®…who doesn’t enjoy playing with Legos®? Wendy’s grandson was given these Lego® ideas from his teacher. Look at what he created. Future engineer. 👏🏼  He sent it to his teacher using SeeSaw and she commented on it. So awesome.  Alright Vierstraete boys…challenge is on. Can you create something bigger and better than what my 8-year-old grandson did??? 😃

Meanwhile on the shores of Chez Vierstraete, we are continuing to focus on social distancing and doing our part… and apparently the only and meanest parents on Earth doing this. Attempting to structure the day while we wait for virtual school to resume on March 30th. Day 1 – We are focusing on the small stuff. Be active, take care of Stella (the family St. Bernard), and read with hopes of taking a virtual field trip later today if we survive our time isolated together. We might work up to the Legos® challenge tomorrow? 😉

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In all seriousness, this is needed, and we do support and thank all the healthcare workers on the front lines and all workers who cannot stay home with their families in order to care for the greater good. Thank you and our prayers go out for you.

So…educators (which is really all of us)- what awesome ideas do you have to share? Please let us know in the comments! We need each other and our creative ideas now more than ever. Take care!

Stay Calm & Teach On! 
Profs Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.  

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