Everyone Needs A “Shop”

My hubby is a skilled woodworker. He has built some gorgeous projects over the years. Ping Pong Tables, Cribs, Murphy Beds, TV Entertainment Centers. Amazing (startling impressive) stuff. Check out his chalkboard murphy bunk bed! 👇 Our grandkids LOVE it.

But…woodworking is not his profession. He actually works as a computer ‘architect’ or as we laypeople know it…a computer programmer/engineer.

Sometimes…this work fries his brain.

Think about it…we have issues with our computers and we go totally bonkers. We send in a loud, panicked SOS to our Tech department for help (thank you SMSU Tech folks for putting up with us ❤). My hubby is like the Tech department…kind of.

He writes programs using Java Language (and, no, he told me that does not mean coffee🤷‍☕). Then when there is a ‘bug’ in the program, he is called upon to figure it out and get rid of those bugs. He strains his brain. He stretches his debugging skills trying to figure out the problem until those skills almost snap.  🧨

Now and again, this debugging can take days, yes DAYS, to solve the issue. Nasty bugs!! 🕷 So…needless to say, when he comes home (well, now when he comes out of the home office since we are all working remotely 🙄) he is a tad bit stressed out. A tad bit mentally exhausted at the end of his work day.

His release??

He goes to his shop. That is where he builds things.  And that is where he ‘de-stresses.’

COVID 19 has a lot of folks stressing, including us. I’d say we are getting a little irritable around here. So how do we find balance in all this? How do we de-stress? My advice is…we all need our own “shop.” What is YOUR “shop?” What is it that you love to do? What is something that will help you let go of stress?

Some like to run, ride bike, or go for a walk (🙋 That’s me). Some may want to write a story, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Others may enjoy singing or dancing or just listening to their favorite tunes. Some might choose to draw, play games, watch a movie, or play an instrument like a guitar or piano. Maybe some want to learn a new skill like playing the ukulele. 🎻

Maybe someone needs to blow off steam by pounding the piano keys like Mr. Rogers did when he was frustrated, or maybe someone needs to go outside and whack a tennis ball against the garage door over and over (🙋 that used to be me when I was a kid).  

Minnesota was given a Stay Home Executive Order yesterday. Now more than ever…I ask you, what is YOUR “shop?” Find your “shop” and de-stress. ❤

Please share with us in the comments how you are de-stressing during this trying time.

Stay Calm and Find Your “Shop!”
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.

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