Haiku Pandemic Poetry

This is a special guest blog post by SMSU Adjunct Instructor, Ms. Deb Ahmann, who co-teaches ED 251 Child Growth and Development with Dr. Wendy. Ms. Ahmann’s teaching career has included a variety of locations (Buffalo Lake, Marshall, and Brainerd, Minnesota; Tempe and Florence, Arizona), a variety of ages (5th grade, junior high, senior high, college), a variety of adjunct positions (SMSU, SMU, and ASU), and a variety of disciplines (elementary ed, literature, language arts, AP, public speaking, education, and literacy). Oh – and don’t forget her direct impact specifically on Dr. V. as Ms. Ahmann was her Honors Research & Writing teacher in high school. 🙂

“Because I try to model a variety of class discussion techniques for the ED 251 students, we have utilized methods including small-group presentations, partnerships, debates, Q/A drawings, and poetic summaries. The haiku was used to summarize three chapters (five-syllable summary for the first chapter, seven for the next chapter, five for the final chapter). The students were then asked to write a haiku that reflected their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on education. Our ED 251 teacher candidates did a fabulous job on these Haiku Pandemic Poetry creations.” ~Ms. Deb Ahmann


Expect hard times to come

Be prepared to work for this

Good times are ahead

Kobe L.                                                                                


Distance learning now

Unsure of tomorrow’s fate

Still giving our best.

Rebecca H.


Distance can be bad,

Learning in new ways is fun,

Be very resilient.

Timothy R.


Madness all around

I don’t know how to do this

Hope it’s over soon

Danielle H.


The schools are empty.

Teachers nervous, kids confused

What is yet to come?

Taitum T.


This is a hard time

We are all learning together

We will get through this.

Morgan K.


Praise student effort

Encourage student learning

Show love with learning

Allison C.


Learning from afar

Social distancing the norm

In this together

Rachel K.


Students learn from home

Teachers must be flexible

We must do our part.

Mimi K.


Educate Online

Learning in the unknown world

You are not alone

MacKenzie D.


Read sad news daily

Taking long walks to kitchen

Missing family

Katie M.


At home and alone,

Students and teachers will work

To connect and learn.

Kendra J.


Difficult to learn.

Learning new things can be hard.

Use your time wisely.

Noah P.


Learning from afar

The future is yet unknown

We will get through this

Alyssa W.


Corona virus

Pandemic, please don’t panic

The end is in sight

Kayla B.


Sitting at home with

School work to do and nowhere

To go but at home

Erika B.


Essential working

Stuck at home with my kittens

Containing homework

Brianna D.


I really don’t like

Working from home all alone

COVID needs to go.

Allyson J. 


Teach yourself at home

Not sure when all this will end

We need to be strong

Carla R.

A huge appreciation shout out to our SMSU teacher candidates for sharing their hearts. Thank you! ❤ Stay healthy, everyone.

Stay Calm and Write a Poem!
Profs Dr. Wendy. & Dr. V.


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