Love You, John Freese! ❤

John at Good Sam in 2013

Friday, March 26, 2021: I just saw John at the local pharmacy. I hadn’t seen him since fall of 2020 when we chatted from a distance for a bit while he was out for a slow stroll during his recovery from cancer surgery.

I told him it was good to see him and asked how he was doing.

“Not well,” he shared quietly.

“They tell me I only have a few more months to live. I’m in hospice care. I’ve stopped all treatment for my liver cancer. Some pain is starting to kick in now. When my liver shuts down that will be it.” he replied serenely. He appeared so calm, so strong in his attitude.

Tears burned in the corners of my eyes, and I questioned him, “you seem like you are doing okay with all of this?”

John whispered, “I’m at peace with it, Wendy. When God tells me it’s time, I’ll go with Him.”

Now my tears were sliding down my cheeks. What do you say to that? What do you do?

I pulled my mask down and sniffled, “I love you, John. Know I love you. My mom loved you!  Many people love you!”

He took a small step forward and leaned down to embrace me. He gave me a big squeeze, and when he tried to pull away I held on tight for just a little bit longer. I knew this was going to be my last time spent with this amazing man.

I love you, John Freese…

Today (8/10/21): I wrote the above words on March 26, 2021 after visiting with John at Synder Drug in Pipestone. It was the last time I saw him. Yesterday, Monday, August 9, 2021, God told John it was time and John went with Him.

John, thank you for blessing my mom by dancing with her while she was a resident at Good Sam. Thank you for dancing the waltz and polka with me while we both were visiting our loved ones at Good Sam. Thank you for being a dynamic teacher! You were a kindhearted man who gave to others in so many ways! Love you, John Freese.  

Lord…bless John and keep him

Make Your face shine upon him,

And be gracious to him.

Lord, lift up your countenance upon him,

And give John Peace.

John…God be with you till we meet again

By his counsels’ guide, uphold you

With his sheep securely fold you;

God be with you till we meet again.

Stay Calm & Love You, John Freese!
Profs Dr. Wendy Dr. V. 

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