About edUconnections authors…

Dr. Wendy Schoolmeester helps shape the future by sharing her passion for education in the college classroom and presenting throughout the United States. Wendy is a professor of education, presenter, servant leader, and a connected Grandma! Lover of Jesus, hubby, children, grandchildren, education majors, children’s books, and chai tea lattes!


Dr. Wendy

Dr. Sonya Vierstraete is in love with learning and sharing her passion for teaching and lifelong learning.  Sonya is a teacher educator, instructional strategist, reader, writer, sports fan, and most importantly, CEO of her family.   She wants to get connected to share advice: teaching, health, and life.  Oh, and when she grows up, she wants to be a writer… and write from all over the world.

Blog Dr V

Dr. V.

A little more about Profs Sonya & Wendy

Who?  We are two professors of education. Our professional names are: Dr. Wendy Schoolmeester & Dr. Sonya Vierstraete
(aka Dr. Wendy & Dr. V.)

Why?  We want to share our passion about teaching, learning, leading, and living. We want to connect with educators and lifelong learners. The future is waiting, and it is up to us. Now.

Where?  We are sharing our perspectives from anywhere in the world. Mostly, we author from the southwest corner of Minnesota. We teach together at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU~Go Mustangs!)

When? We aim to blog each week or when the spirit moves us. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Our goal is to share what’s worth sharing when it’s timely. Who decides that? I guess we do. 🙂

Want to connect with us? Follow us on twitter: @kiddielitprof & @DrVteacher
Email: educonnections2u@gmail.com

1 thought on “About edUconnections authors…

  1. Dr. Claussen & Dr. Vierstraete —
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the students at SMSU. I periodically read your blog posts & tweets and are often encouraged by the work you both continue to do, the encouragements you share, and priorities of the students you teach. Thank you for all your work. Now, I have my own classroom to give my best every day. Likewise, I am continuing learning throughout the summer. True teaching is a passion. Thank you.
    Ellen D.

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