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The One Word Frenzy – Take 2!

It's True!
                             It’s True!

So did you pick your one word for 2015 yet? As I thought about Wendy’s words, or #oneword, last week, I scoured my brain to consider what my new word for 2015 might be. I tend to be reflective to the point of indecisive at times – wait, maybe that should be my word, Reflection, no wait – I meant, Decision, or did I mean, Consider? All I do know for sure is that I selected a word last year and even posted it to social media somewhere along the way – maybe it was two years ago? I can’t remember the word though, which makes me think I did not do a very good job with the word selection the last time. Or – it was sooo good that it is engrained in my daily life without my realization. Let’s go with that! 🙂

As I was being reflective about my #oneword and contemplating this task, I heard a commercial on tv (didn’t see it as I was multi-tasking work, supervising homework, dinner prep, and laundry), the one word for the year according to this particular commercial should be fiber. LOL! It was a fiber commercial getting on the bandwagon. Ok – stop with the signs. I’m convinced; I’ll start using fiber, and I’ll pick a word already!

Here is my thought process:

Believe is my word for life. It has been since junior high school. I became enthralled with poetry and powered by words about that time. I still continue to be on most days…although it is true that some days I prefer to go without words to take a “brain-break” and just be. That is not the point of this blog, however, so I’ll proceed.

Dance & Balance are good ones – I wish had thought of them before Wendy. 🙂 I didn’t though so I to go my own direction, find my own word. Sometimes we may share words though, so we will be sure to balance and dance together this year!

Now, I am thinking…

Wish is another word that if on my favorite word list along with Conundrum, which could be a problem. I don’t mean to wish away challenges and unknowns. I think it is more that I like to be Hopeful.

What about…

Courage – you can’t change everything, but it doesn’t mean to give up and not try. Maybe my word should be Hope instead as I am the forever-optimist, an idealist with the world continuing to try to shape me into a realist. (No offense to the realists – we need you, too, and I can morph into a realist after hours of trying.)

Come to think of it…

Destiny is another one. I can’t explain why. A former favorite English teacher of mine from high school recently expressed that she dislikes the words “kiddos” and “poop” on her facebook confession; she couldn’t explain why regarding the “poop” dislike, but it sure made me laugh. It must be the adolescent kiddo in me – or maybe it was the fiber commercial.?? It is like when I am in church and get the giggles (mostly past tense for this part as I do have more self-control than I used to when I was a kid and my embarrassed mother was gently squeezing my arm in efforts to get me to calm down.)

Moving on…Finally!

Strength is my word. It is my goal for this year – for my family, life, learning, faith, leadership – all aspects of life. It is important to have strength to move through each day and aim for a better tomorrow. “You are stronger than you think you are.” This phrase is repeated multiple times at BodyPump (fitness class) at the area YMCA. The instructors are constantly pushing us toward our goals – telling us that we have the strength and just need to find it.

With that, pick your word if you haven’t already or share one that you have chosen already. Be determined and specific. Be intentional this year. Be you.

Best wishes to our hopeful readers; may you have the courage and strength to shape your destiny while you dance, balance, and believe.

Stay Calm & Lead On!
Profs Dr. C. & Dr. V.